Kundalini Yoga in the Loop

(312) 922-4699 - Fine Arts Building - 410 S Michigan Ave
Suite 514 - Chicago, IL 60605 - info@shaktakaur.com


Privacy Policy
Your personal data is managed by two providers, it is fully secure and compliant with both US and GDPR standards. You can view those Privacy Policies via the links below.

Email Provider - Constant Contact

Studio Management - Mindbody Online

How We Use Your Information
We use your information solely to conduct business with Kundalini Yoga in the Loop. We record the following details: name, email address, phone number, visit history, and credit card (if needed) - which is encrypted - so it cannot be seen by anyone.

Further, the data is stored only on secure servers. We will never share your data with a third party. In the case of a data breach, we will inform you within 72 hours.