(Relax and Renew — With the Kundalini Yoga and Meditations of Yogi Bhajan,by Gururattan Kaur Khalsa, pp. 36-37).

  1. Celibate Pose. Sitting between the heels, bring arms level with the shoulders, thumbs on Mercury mounds. Inhale and criss-cross arms in front, still at shoulder level and back out to the sides. Keep elbows straight and swing powerfully. (7 minutes.)

Balances the sinuses and affects the pituitary gland.

  1. Celibate Pose (or on heels in Rock Pose). Rotate fists and forearms around each other, keeping the thumbs on Mercury mounds. Circle away from the body at the heart center. Fast! Look at the hands and concentrate on them. This is called Drishti Tratka Kriya. (7 minutes.)

For the sinuses and pineal gland. 

  1. Stand Up. Stand on one leg, extending the other straight up and back, parallel to the ground, with hands at knee cap to maintain balance. Change legs. (3 ½ minutes each side.)

Takes away old age, wrinkles, and all mental, physical and spiritual deteriorations. It is the best thing for the spine. 

  1. Shoulder Stand. Bend the knees, bringing the heels down as far as you can, weight on your hands. This is Bapareet Karnee. (3 ½ minutes.)

Still in Shoulder Stand. Inhale and lift the legs. Exhale, making the sound “hum” as they come down and kick the buttocks. Repeat. (The word “hum” is not spoken in the normal way and is made with the back of the nostrils and is very nasal.)

To stop aging and grey hair. 

  1. Rock Pose. (Or, sit on the heels in Vajrasan.) Put the palms on the ground before you. Exhale and touch forehead to the ground before knees and hands and inhale up. Hands stay in place. (7 minutes.)

  1. Easy Pose. Place palms overhead, arms straight and twist torso left and right. Keep neck in line with the spine and move from the hips. (3 ½ minutes.)

  1. Easy Pose. In the same position, with the arms straight overhead, palms together, bend side to side, breathing long and deep. Inhale left and exhale right. Swing from the hips like a tree and bend as far as you can. This is Pinjanee. (3 ½ minutes.)

This is a good exercise for the liver and waistline. 

  1. Stretch Right Leg Out. Sit on the left heel, placing the heel on the perineum. Grab the right foot (or whatever you can reach) with both hands, keeping the spine straight. Apply neck lock. Breathe long and deep through the mouth, powerfully. This is called Shakti Chaloni Chosh. (7 minutes.)

Comments: As originally given this set (kriya) is to be done three times for the full 7 minutes each exercise. To begin, cut times in half, working up to the full time. Repeat once or twice at short or long times. “Those who master this will realize many benefits!”

Celibate Pose (for beginners): Begin by sitting on the heels. Spread the feet far enough apart so that your hips will fit between them. Move slowly, bending your knees, come sitting down with your feet on either side of your hips. Try to maintain a straight spine. The flexibility should come from your hips, not the knees. This should not hurt the knees. If there is too much pressure on the knees, do not lower the buttocks all the way to the ground. Instead, use a block or pillow under the buttocks.

Rock Pose: Sit on the heels. The heels should be straight up into your sit bones in order to stimulate a meridian point in each buttock. If it is painful to sit on your heels in this way, use a cushion or blanket underneath your ankles or between your buttocks and your heels. Rock pose strengthens the pelvic muscles which helps prevent hernia and is helpful to women in childbirth.