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Meditation - For Self-Appreciation and to Make You Great

December 30, 1997 (NM-249)

Tonight we are going through 11 minutes of a technical situation in which I’ll like you to appreciate yourself.

Part I:

Mudra: Place your left palm flat against your navel point, fingers pointing towards the right. Extend the right arm straight out in front of you, parallel to the ground, palm flat and face down. Fingers are extended straight and are held side by side. The elbow is kept straight.

Movement: On each ‘Har’ of the tape, raise your arm up towards the ceiling, and then bring it back down to the original position. This is a fairly fast movement.

Eyes: Unspecified.

Tape: ‘Tantric Har’ tape is played. Do not sing along with it, just listen and use it to keep the rhythm of the movement.

Time: 9 minutes.

Comments/Effects: Put yourself into this exercise, and see what results you will experience when you meditate in Part II.

Part II:

Mudra: Keeping the left hand on the navel, bring the right palm flat against the forehead, covering the 3rd eye point. Hold it there and meditate. Be sure to keep your spine straight.

Eyes: Closed.

Tape: No tape was used during this portion.

Time: 8-1/2 minutes.

End: Inhale very deeply, hold 10 seconds. Fire out. Inhale a second time, very deeply, hold 8 seconds, let it go. A third time, inhale deeply, and synchronize the body so that the poisons can come out through the blood stream. Hold 23 seconds. Canon fire out. Relax.

Comments/Effects: In this exercise, meditate and feel that your spine has become just like a tube of light. Don’t have any other thought.

It doesn’t take much time to become great. It depends upon how much prana you consume in your body, and what are your habits. People who are emotional, depressed, and feeling negative or nonsense, they can’t face the life, they have a shallow breath.


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