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Breathwalk Teacher Training Program

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Programs Offered

This course has 2 parts - a personal intensive (one weekend) and instructor training (two weekends). 


The first weekend is mainly experiential, moving through several different programs which provide stress relief, mental clarity, mood control, and anxiety reduction.

The second weekend builds upon the first; focusing on understanding the application of Breathwalk programs, working with diverse student groups, and mastering the skills of teaching.  We also explore the technology behind Breathwalk more deeply. Completing all coursework leads to a certificate of completion as a Breathwalk Instructor.  Both weekends are required for certification and make take place inside or outside of the yoga studio.

These two weekends provide everything needed to start teaching Breathwalk:

  1. Thorough instruction in the Five Components of Breathwalk.

  2. An understanding of Class Design and Marketing for varying populations and environments.

  3. Text Book, Illustrated Program Guide and Home Study Guide.

  4. Success strategies for both you and your students.

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