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What is Breathwalk?

Breathwalking Chicago


Breathwalk is the science of combining specific patterns of breathing synchronized with your walking steps and enhanced with the art of directed, meditative attention. It is simple, natural, and effective. Once you know how to choose and do a breathing pattern as you walk, you will have an immediate path to physical and mental fitness.

"Throughout my recovery from chronic fatigue, there have been times when meditative walking was the only exercise that my doctor permitted. Breathwalk saved the day! The effects of Breathwalk were noticeably more potent and motivating than regular walking. Also, at times of extreme fatigue, I was able to do simple Breathwalks in my home to give myself a lift. Breathwalk proved to be an empowering ray of hope during my recovery - I am so grateful."

-- MK

Why Breathwalk?

The Breath Controls the Mind - "Pranayam" is the yogic technology of breath control.  When engaged consciously, the breath will restore control over the mind and allow you to harness its power for directed actions.  As Yogi Bhajan said, "The mind is a wonderful servant, but a terrible master."  Breathwalking provides the ability to choose a state-of-mind that serves you best. 


Mantras Rewire the Brain - Meditation is not the absence of thought, rather, it is a singular focus which engenders promoting activity in the brain.  Simply put, directed attention (via a mantra) dims the random chatter within the mind.  As the noise in your mind dims, then you are able to hear the more subtle voice that resides within your heart.  The heart is your source of Truth/Peace/Clarity, the mind is your source of Fear/Panic/Doubt.

A book, How God Changes Your Brain, details research of the mantra 'Sa Ta Na Ma,' one of the mantras used in Breathwalk; clearly demonstrating that neural patterns and mental functioning are enhanced by the use of this mantra.  
Click Here to view parts of the book, go to page 21 (or search on Kirtan Kriya).

Exercise Calms The Nerves - and allows energy to flow freely within the body. Walking is the most natural exercise and it automatically adjusts to your level of fitness. Life is movement, and you need to move the body so that the energy of life will move you. Yogic technology strives for balance in all things, so we need to maintain a balance between mental conditioning and physical conditioning - balance is key.


Direct Your Mind - Breathwalk has over 20 core programs which allow you to direct the mind for specific needs, such as:

  • Increased Energy Levels

  • Turn Off Stress Now

  • Mental Focus & Clarity

  • Feelings of Well Being

  • Memory Enhancement

  • Mood Control


Walking Meditation – Breathwalk is the ultimate conditioning program for body and mind. It combines specific patterns of conscious breathing synchronized with your walking steps and enhanced with directed attention.

Easy – With our clear instruction, anyone who walks and breathes can master this quickly without ever stepping in to a yoga studio.

Effective – You experience powerful changes in just a few minutes. Its speed and simplicity motivate people to make Breathwalk a regular part of their life.


Profound – Breathwalk delights and surprises you with a wide range of choices—choice over your energy level, choice over your mood and choice over your mental state. Each of the 20 core Breathwalk programs address a specific need.


Choose a program to promote:

  • Energy and Vitality

  • Rapport and Connectedness

  • Weight Control

  • Overall Fitness


Or choose a program that shifts you from:

  • Anxious to Calm

  • Scattered to Focused

  • Distracted to Open and Intimate


Personal Growth - Breathwalk is about feeling great and developing personal mastery. It is about wellness. It is about the sense of connection we all need to our self, each other and life. With instructor training you can confidently share an exercise tool that helps you to cultivate the inner resources you and your students need.


Expand Your Outreach - Fitness professionals find that Breathwalk is a wonderful addition to their offerings because it is both dynamic and versatile. Breathwalk requires no special equipment, adapts well to all fitness levels and can be squeezed easily into even the busiest schedule. Use Breathwalk to provide your current students with more variety or targeted benefits. Use it to expand your clientele, it appeals to all age groups—from youth programs to AARP mall-walkers. Whether you are a fitness instructor, wellness provider or teach yoga & meditation Breathwalk programs will mesh seamlessly with your skills and clientele.


Increase Your Earnings - We have designed Breathwalk to be simple and financially beneficial for the instructors. Unlike a franchise we do not require a percentage of class revenue. After your initial training cost all that is required is a modest annual renewal fee.


Research continues to affirm the multiple benefits of walking. Here are some articles that may be of interest:


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