Change Maker Meditation

Kirtan Kriya - an ancient tool designed to help end unfinished cycles.* 

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-- Do you have some unfinished business that could use a gentle push towards completion? -- Are there any less-than-positive habits you would like to break? -- Would you like to improve your memory, concentration and focus?

... then join Shakta on this conference call to learn a powerful yogic tool that can help you achieve a higher level of understanding about yourself and the world around you.  The Kundalini Meditation that Shakta will share is one that many practice together 40 days prior to the beginning of KYL’s Teacher Training courses. This meditation uses the syllables Sa Ta Na Ma:

Sa = Infinity, cosmos, beginning Ta = Life, existence Na = Death Ma = Rebirth.

Sa Ta Na Ma is, quite literally, the cycle of creation. From the Infinite comes life and individual existence. From life comes death or change. From death comes the rebirth of consciousness to the joy of the Infinite through which compassion leads back to life.  (Sept 2017)

* Research into the efficacy of Kirtan Kriya can be found in the book "How God Changes Your Brain" by Dr. Andrew Newberg, MD.  Take a Look.