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How to Use a Mala to Meditate

(The Aquarian Teacher, p. 431)

Posture: Sit in Easy Pose with a light neck lock (Jalandhar Bandh). Or, sit in a chair with your feet on the ground. (You can also do a mala meditation as you casually go about your day.)  

Focus: Focus the eyes on the third-eye point.

Breath: The breath will come naturally.

Mantra: “Sat Nam” OR “Wahe Guru” OR “Sat Nam Wahe Guru.” When reciting the mantras “Sat Nam” or “Wahe Guru,” move only one bead for both words. When reciting “Sat Nam Wahe Guru” say them both with only one movement of the bead. You may use any affirmation or mantra of your choice. The recitation of your mantra may be done silently, in a whisper or out loud.

Mudra: A mala can be used with either hand. Always start with the bead next to the Guru bead. As you repeat the mantra, move each bead with the thumb, towards the body over the meridian point. Thus, the Guru bead descends an eventually ascends to be the last bead of your meditation. As you hold the Guru bead, repeat your mantra and make a prayer. To begin again, turn the mala around without the help of the other hand. Move the beads towards you as you continue your mantra.

Time: 11, 31 or 62 minutes.

End: Not indicated. You may or may not choose to inhale, hold the breath for 5-10 seconds, exhale and relax.

Sample Mala Meditations:

To improve your health, use a carnelian, coral (red or pink), lapis or turquoise mala. Move the mala over the Sun (ring) finger with either the mantra “Sat Nam” or “Wahe Guru” or “Sat Nam Wahe Guru,” or a personal healing mantra.

To reduce stress and anxiety, use either a lapis, or a coral (red or pink) mala. Move it over the Jupiter (index) finger for wisdom or the Saturn (middle) finger for patience. Use either the “Har” or “Wahe Guru” mantra or a personal mantra for stress reduction.

For prosperity use a carnelian or garnet mala. Move it over the Jupiter (index) finger for wisdom, knowledge and prosperity; or the Mercury (pinkie) finger for enhanced communication skills. Recite the mantras “Har” or “Wahe Guru.”

For saintly virtues use a malachite mala. Move it over your desired finger for wisdom, patience, health or communication and use the mantra “Sat Nam.”

Or, make up your own meditation for the desired effect you want to achieve.

Comments: A mala is a simple, effective meditative tool, which can help reduce stress and enhance wisdom, patience and health. A mala consists of 108, 54 or 27 beads, traditionally strung on a silk thread with one larger bead, called the Guru Bead, from which a tassel usually hangs. The tassel symbolizes a thousand lotus petals.

The use of different fingers with the mala relates to a different part of the brain. By running the mala over the meridian point of the desired finger you create a different result. The meridian point is located on the side of each finger, between the tip of the finger and the first knuckle.

  • Index finger (Jupiter): wisdom, knowledge, prosperity.

  • Middle finger (Saturn): enhances patience.

  • Ring finger (Sun): promotes health, vitality and strengthens the nervous system.

  • Little finger (Mercury): communication, skill and intelligence.

Malas are sacred meditative tools. If you are not using or wearing your mala, keep it in a silk or satin pouch, or on your altar to enhance, protect and keep the integrity of the gemstones’ vibrations.


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