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Kriya - Adjust Your Flow

(Fountain of Youth, Kundalini Yoga as Taught by Yogi Bhajan, pp. 22-23.)

  1. Lie Down on Your Back. Raise your legs straight up to 90 degrees and your arms straight up to 90 degrees. Your toes should be pointed. Knees and elbows should be straight. 11 minutes. Stay and think about what good you have done since you have come to the planet earth. Reconcile activities with your beautiful intelligence. We are moving the ‘chi’ energy today and without any movement. Keep yourself in the posture, does not matter what. Energy will adjust itself. 

  2. Still Lying on Your Back. Bring your hands straight up over your head on the ground. Then raise your lower body up into a modified (Half) Plow Pose with the legs straight over the head but parallel to the ground. 11 minutes. Simple flow of energy. Simple way of just being. 

  3. Come Sitting Up. Stretch your legs straight out in front of you. Put your hands straight our in front, stretched towards your toes, palms down and parallel to the ground. Back should be straight. Body should be a statute. 11 minutes. The pain and disturbance comes in the adjustment of the pranic energy. You feel the pressure of the muscles adjusting themselves. Chinese call it ‘chi’ energy and we call it ‘ji’ energy. ‘Ji’ means the soul, the self, the being, the inner-self. Meditate, chant and recite anything mentally or verbally but keep the posture perfect. 

  4. Stand up Straight. Bend over at the waist so that your torso is parallel to the ground. Keep the back and neck straight. The arms will hand loosely down towards the ground. Form a “U” with your body. 11 minutes. Don’t bend down to the toes. This is the set of “U.” It will set “you” up. You can chant or meditate to keep yourself going.  

Notes from Yogi Bhajan: This set invigorates you by adjusting your pranic body with your auric body in direct contract with your arc line. These are called the “4 U’s” and they are “For You.” Anytime you do these, you need to do a relaxation afterwards. Breath of life, ‘Pavan,’ soul energy is really just aspirin. No tissue of the body should move for each of these 11 minutes.


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