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Kriya - Auric Balance and Nerve Strength

(Radiance and Victory  –  A Woman’s Way to Prosperity  –  Kundalini Yoga as Taught by Yogi Bhajan, p. 60)

  1. Sit with the Left Leg Straight Out in Front. Bring the heel of the right foot next to the groin, with the sole against the thigh. Men should always have the heel to the left of the testicle. Lean forward and grab the big toe (or your shin, knee or thigh) with both hands. Lock the first two fingers of each hand around the toe and press the toenails with the thumbs. Arch the neck up and look above the horizon. The breath is the key to this kriya. There is a 22-count breath: inhale in 4 parts, hold 16 and exhale in 2 parts. With the inhale, mentally chant SA TA NA MA. As you hold, mentally chant this mantra 4 times. As you exhale, silently chant WAHAY GURU. Then repeat the sequence of the breath with the mantra. Continue for 3  –  5 minutes.

  2. Stretch the Left Leg Out Again. Sit on the right heel. Lean forward and placing the palms flat together, stretch the arms forward on the ground as in a prayer position. Arch the head up, looking above the horizon. Begin the same breath as in #1. Continue for 3-5 minutes. Inhale and relax for 1 minute.

  3. Stand Up and Come into Archer Pose. Left leg forward, knee over the toes of the left foot, 2/3rds of your body weight on the left leg, right leg extended straight back. Keep a tension across the chest as if pulling a bowstring taught. Let the eyes gaze out to the horizon over the extended fist. Begin the 22 count breath as in #1 and continue for 3-5 minutes. Inhale and relax into a meditation.

Comments: This set is a jewel. It has been used to initiate students into the deeper ‘mysteries’ and effects of Kundalini Yoga. It develops your nerve strength and aura. After doing this set, meditate for as long as you like. This set stimulates the basic evolutionary power of your consciousness. In difficult times, it will enable you to help others.


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