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Kriya - Balancing The Three Psyches

(Reaching Me in Me, pp. 9-10, Compiled by Harijot Kaur Khalsa) 

  1. Cow Pose: Extend your left leg behind you and raise it to 60 degrees. Point and flex the left foot in rhythm with a powerful Breath of Fire. The breath and the foot move at the same speed. 3 Minutes. Change legs and continue the exercise. 1 ½ minutes. As you do this exercise you will find a surprising energy moving through you.

  2. Cat Pose: Make a fist of your left hand in front of your heart center and begin punching your fist forward in rhythm with Breath of Fire. The hand and arm are tough as steel, the punch is strong and the breath is rhythmic and powerful. The shoulder blade must move. 2 minutes. Change arms and continue the exercise. 1 ½ minutes.

  3. Sit on your heels. Bow and touch your forehead to the floor at the floor at the same time that you powerfully clap your hands behind your back. Sit up once again in the starting position and continue the movement. 3 ½ minutes.

  4. Sit in Easy Pose. Your arms are straight out in front, parallel to the floor with your palms facing down. Your thumbs are touching the mounds at the base of the Mercury fingers (little fingers). The hands move rapidly up and down at the wrist eight times. (These eight movements should take about 2 seconds.) As soon as the eight count is finished, bend your elbows and rapidly pull your arms back so that the elbows rest on the rib cage, the forearms point upward and the palms face forward. Then extend your arms and repeat the eight count hand movement. Continue 1 ½ minutes.

  5. Lie down on your back and relax.

Comments: There are three psyches: your individual inner psyche; the psyche which is in your immediate environment; and the psyche of the landscape which is bigger, higher and wider. If these three psyches are not in balance, you are not in harmony. We think money can make us harmonious; we think relationships can make us harmonious; we think power can make us harmonious; but if our own psyche is not in harmony, nothing can make us harmonious.

Kundalini Yoga works on eight centers — the seven chakras and the one engulfing aura. Lots of Kundalini Yoga masters have been taught about the chakras. They have not been taught about the arc line and the aura. Therefore the science is not complete with them. That is why for centuries it has been told that Kundalini Yoga should not be taught because it is dangerous. It is only dangerous if you open up your chakras without the controlling connection of the aura and the arc line. There are ten bodies and they all have to be in balance.

“Between human and God there is an opening door and the key to that door is called Kundalini.” — Yoga Bhajan.


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