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Kriya - Build Up The Glandular System and Inner Organs

(Owner’s Manual for the Human Body, pp. 41)

  1. Sit in Baby Pose. Sitting on the heels, forehead is on the ground in front of you, arms are pointing behind you resting at your sides. Lift up your neck and do Breath of Fire. 3 minutes. (Start with 2 minutes.)

  2. From Baby Pose. Lean back until you are lying on your back (but still with your heels underneath your buttocks) and do Breath of Fire. 3 minutes. (Start with 1 ½ minutes.)

  3. Chair Pose. Feet flat on the ground, bend over trying to keep the back parallel to the ground and grasp your feet from the outside, reaching inside between your knees to do so. In this position, stick your tongue way out and do Breath of Fire through the mouth. 1 ½ to 3 minutes. You can extend this set into a full class, by increasing the time for each exercise to 3 minutes and then add a five minute relaxation and repeat the sequence twice more, making a total of three repetitions.

  4. Sit in Easy Pose. Hands in Venus lock behind your back. Inhale through the mouth as you bend forward into Yoga Mudra, bringing your forehead to the ground in front of you as your arms lift to the sky. Exhale through the nose sitting back up into Easy Pose. Continue for 3 minutes. This will create the balance of energy.

  5. For the final 5 minute relaxation: Sit in Easy Pose. Arms at shoulder height, parallel to the ground, palms down, right arm resting on the left while you breathe very, very slowly; silently, mentally chanting, “Haree, Haree, Haree” about 84 times on the inhalation and silently chanting: “Har, Har, Har” … about 84 times on the exhalation. The inhale and exhale are about 12 seconds each.

Comments: “Haree” calls upon the creative energy and “Har” is joining the God within and without.

Yogi Bhajan said about this kriya: “Make this set a part of your life for 11 minutes every day so you’ll never have problems with your inner organs or your glands. Glands are the guardians of your health.”

He also said: “If you cannot maintain these exercises comfortably for a total of 11 minutes, something in you is dying.”

Do the best you can, for as long as you can, working your way up to 3 minutes for each exercise.

You know you need this set when your weight has increased for no apparent reasons, you have acquired fat in the area underneath your navel, your liver is not working well, and/or your metabolism is not functioning well. This entire set will make your mind fresh, you’ll have “grit.” It takes away fear and you’ll experience yourself, you’ll “feel” yourself. Mind will heal itself. Body will heal itself.


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