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Kriya - Challenge the Ego in You

(The Self-Sensory Human, Curriculum Guidelines, Compiled by M.S.S. Guruka Singh Khalsa, p. 43. Originally taught by Yogi Bhajan, Ph.D. on June 5, 1985.)

Lie Down on Your Stomach. Grab your ankles from the inside. Use your hands to push the ankles out to the sides and to pull them back in. Do not let your knees slide. Move quickly. 2 ½ minutes. This exercise will hurt if your liver is not clean.

Lie Down on Your Stomach. Place your hands on the outside of your ankles. Use your hands to open and close your legs by sliding your knees out and in. 2 ½ minutes.

Sit on Your Heels (Rock Pose). Clasp your hands behind your back. Exhale as you bow your head to the ground bringing the arms up as high as possible in back. Inhale as you rise back up into a sitting position. 3 minutes.

Repeat Exercise #3 in Celibate Pose. (Begin by sitting on the heels. Spread the feet far enough apart so that your hips will fit between them. Move slowly, bending your knees. Come sitting down with your feet on either side of your hips. Try to maintain a straight spine. The flexibility should come from the hips, not the knees. If there is too much pressure on the knees, do not lower the buttocks all the way to the ground. Instead, use a block or pillow under the buttocks for support.) 3 minutes.

Sit and Spread Your Legs Wide Apart. Hold on to your toes (or whatever you can). Stretch to the left side bringing your nose to your left knee. Rise up and stretch to the right side bringing your nose to the right knee. (Try to get the belly to the thigh rather than the head to the knee.) Continue for 1 minute.

Frog Pose. 108 times. (Squat down on your toes. The heels are touching and off the ground. Place the fingertips on the ground between the legs. The face is forward. Inhale as you raise the hips / butt up, keeping the fingertips on the ground, heels up, knees locked. Exhale down, face forward, knees outside of arms. Note: It is more important to keep the legs straight as you raise the hips up, so let go of the floor if necessary to straighten the legs. If the knees are weak substitute Standing Toe / Knee Raises for Frog Pose.)

Lie down and relax for 19 minutes.


If your psyche is right on its axis, you’ll be happy no matter whether you are rich or poor. If your psyche is right on its orbit, you’ll be rich whether or not you are happy. If both are in harmony, you’ll be rich and happy and a giver like God.” --Yogi Bhajan.

This set will help in breaking old habits and attachments. It creates a proper flow of energy in the three chakras of the lower triangle and enhances eliminative functions.” --Gurucharan Singh Khalsa.


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