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Kriya - Circumvent Force (Eighth Chakra)

(Toolkit for Teaching Beginners, Kundalini Yoga as Taught by Yogi Bhajan, Ph.D., Presented by Shakti Parwha Kaur Khalsa, p. 25)

Celibate Pose (buttocks on floor between heels). Arms up at 60 degree angle, fingers on mounds. Breath of Fire for 3 minutes.

Celibate Pose. On inhalation, raise arms up to 60 degrees, fingers extended as antennae, on exhalation, bring hands back to shoulders (fingers in front, thumbs behind). Long deep breathing, 3 minutes. Then bring hands back to shoulders and keep them there for 1 minute with Breath of Fire (recirculates the prana).

Celibate Pose. Arms out to sides, parallel to ground, a little below shoulder level. Pull hands back so there is a pressure at the wrists. One minute.

Corpse Pose. Relax on back. You are building a field of energy, “Hold on to this consciousness.” One minute.

Sit in Easy Pose. Stretch arms forward at shoulder height palms facing each other, but not touching. Embrace prana with Long Deep Breathing, 2-3 minutes.

Take three long deep breaths, then inhale, make fists, bend elbows and pull the prana to chest powerfully and slowly with the fists. When fists reach chest, exhale. Then stretch arm forward again, and take another three long deep breaths, make fists, etc. Repeat sequence three times total.

Sit on Heels. Extend right arm out front with palm up, left arm extended behind with palm up. Both arms are parallel to ground in a straight line. Fingers spread wide apart. Breath of Fire, 3 minutes. Then alternate arms, continue with Breath of Fire about 45 seconds each time.

Sit in Easy Pose (hands in Gyan Mudra). Meditate on higher consciousness, 3-5 minutes.

Easy Pose. Inhale; raise arms straight up (fingers still in Gyan Mudra, palms facing forward), chant “Sat;” then bend elbows lowering palms down to shoulder level and chant “Nam.” Three minutes.

Sit on heels (Vajra Asan). Sat Kriya for 1 and a half minutes.

Easy Pose (hands in Gyan Mudra). Long Deep Breathing, pulling energy in through the Third Eye. Let the energy fill the body until it comes out of every pore. Expand it through guided meditation with the breath: “Inhale  –  expand. Exhale  –  merge.” Continue 5 minutes.

Chant “Guru Ram Das, Rakho Sirnai” all in one breath. Inhale deeply and repeat five times. This is a mantra of protection.


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