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Kriya - Disease Resistance and Heart Helper

(Kundalini Yoga Guidelines for Sadhana, p. 65) 

Sit in Easy Pose. Interlace the fingers of both hands. Press the thumb tips together. Put this hand lock with palms up in the lap. Apply Mulbandh by contracting and pulling up the rectum, pulling in the navel point and lifting up the sex organ(s). Chant “God and me, me and God are one.” With each cycle of the mantra, pull up the locks a little tighter. Continue for 3 minutes.

Sit in Easy Pose. Hands in Gyan Mudra resting on the knees. Inhale deeply, exhale slowly and completely without dropping the ribcage. Hold the breath out and pump the stomach in and out. When you cannot pump any more, take another breath and continue for 3 minutes.

Sit in Easy Pose. Bring the left arm in back of the torso. Bend at the elbow and stretch the left hand toward the right shoulder. The palm faces away from the body. Inhale deeply, exhale completely. Hold the breath out as long as you can. Apply Mulbandh. Then inhale and repeat the cycle. Continue 3-5 minutes.

Sit in any comfortable meditation posture. Meditate on the regular energetic flow of the breath. Feel your radiance and light.

Comments: The first exercise improves your health by invigorating the first chakra and elimination. It promotes calmness and disease resistance. The third chakra, endurance and nerve strength are stimulated by Exercise 2. Exercise 3 strengthens the heart and increases circulation above the diaphragm. Three repetitions of this kriya is a very effective practice.


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