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Kriya - Elimination and Circulation

Source:  K.R.I. International Teacher Training Certification Level 1, 3-ring binder, 1998, pp. 381-385

1.Sit in Easy Pose. Extend the left arm straight out to the side, parallel to the ground, with the palm facing up. The wrist is straight. Rest the right arm on the right knee with the elbow straight and the hand in Gyan Mudra (pads of the thumb and index fingers touching). Close the eyelids and concentrate on the breath and on the center of the upturned palm.

Begin long, deep breathing. Create a powerful and rhythmic breath for 1 ½ minutes. Without stopping the breath, switch arms and continue for another 1 ½ minutes. Then inhale, apply Mulbandh, hold briefly and relax.

This exercise opens the flow of healing prana and works on the digestion and lungs.

2.Spinal Flex. Extend both legs straight in front. Spread them wide at 120 degrees or as much as comfortable. Sit with the spine erect. Place the hands on the top of the knees or upper thigh so that the elbows are straight. Start to flex the lower spine forward with the inhale and back with the exhale. Concentrate on the flow of breath and the feeling of smooth movement in the lower back. Continue for 2 minutes. Inhale, hold briefly and relax.

This exercise along with the next stimulates the sexual energy and promotes a flush of the lymph glands in the groin and thigh areas.

3.Deep Breaths. In the same sitting position, move the hands between the legs on the ground so that the palms are next to each other facing down. The palms are about 18 inches from the groin. Use the straight arms as a lever to lean forward and apply pressure downward, as if you could life off the ground. Keep the tension constant. Breathe long, deep and powerfully for 2 minutes. Inhale, apply Mulbandh, hold briefly and relax.

4.Frog Pose. Squat down into Frog Pose with the fingertips on the ground in between the spread knees. Keep the heels separated by 12 inches, slightly off the ground. Raise the head so your eyes are level. Inhale and raise the buttocks as you bring your head toward the knees. Exhale back into the squat position. Continue smoothly for 108 times (If you do less try for 26 or 54 in a set. Then rest and repeat them.) Inhale briefly and relax. [Shakta’s notes: 1 minute = 26 frogs.]

This exercise transmutes sexual energy and opens the hips.

5.Kneel Ups. Sit on your heels with the palms facing down on the upper thighs close to the hips. Concentrate at the brow point and at the navel point. Inhale as you rise up on the knees with the spine straight. Exhale as you sit back on the heels. Use powerful deep breaths that are exactly coordinated with the movement. Continue at a rapid pace for 108 times. Then rest on the heels and inhale, hold briefly and relax. [Shakta’s notes: 6 minutes.]

This opens the lungs, massages the intestines and puts pressure on the thigh to regulate mineral balance.

6.Triangle Pose. From standing, bend forward until your body forms a 60 degree triangle. The buttocks are the high point of the triangle. The hands are flat on the ground, as are the feet. The neck is relaxed. Your weight is evenly divided between the hands and feet. Simply hold this pose with normal breathing for 2 minutes.

This pose acts as a relaxation in the series. Triangle Pose clears constipation and normalizes digestion.

7.Boat Pose. Lie on the stomach with legs extended back and pressed together. Place the hands in the small of the back. Form the Venus Lock mudra (interlace fingers and press thumbs on web and base of opposite thumbs; note difference in this mudra for men vs. women). Arch the torso and legs off the ground. Lift the arms up parallel to the ground. Arch the head up and look toward the horizon. Try to keep the elbows straight. Start Breath of Fire. Continue for 2 minutes. Then inhale, exhale, hold out briefly and relax.

This exercise and the one that follows strengthen the lower back and mixes the energy of the second and third chakras.

8.Earthquake. Stay on the stomach. Place the palms down on the ground beside the hips. Keep the chin and the tops of the feet and toes on the ground. Inhale as you raise the waist off the ground, exhale as the hips drop back down. Create a rhythmic and rapid motion so the breath becomes a slow Breath of Fire. Continue for 2 minutes. Inhale and relax.

9.Kick Buttocks. Stay on the stomach with palms on the ground. Kick the buttocks with alternate heels by bending at the knees. Exhale as each heel strikes a buttock. Inhale as the leg goes back down. Create a rapid, smooth pace. Continue for w minutes. Inhale and relax.

‘Kicking buttocks’ balances the sciatic nerve and works on the large intestines.

10.Rock and Roll. Still on the stomach, reach back with both hands to grab the left ankle. Gently tighten the pull on the ankle until you can arch up. Then begin to rock forward and back with the navel point as the pivot. Inhale as you go up and back, exhale as you go forward and down. Continue for 1 minute. Then switch to the right ankle for 1 minute. Finally, reach back and grab both ankles as you rock for 1 more minute. Then inhale deep, arch up briefly and relax.

This balances the solar plexus and strengthens the diaphragm. It is excellent in women to prevent breast troubles.

11.Lie on your Back. Arms along sides with the palms down. Inhale deeply and raise the arms over the head to the ground. As you continue to inhale, raise both legs up to a 90 degree angle. Exhale and let the legs come back to the ground. Continue to exhale as you bring the arms from over the head back to their original position beside the hips. Create a rapid, smoothly coordinated movement. Continue for 1 minute. Keep the same pace but continue using the arms and the left leg. After 1 minute switch to the right leg for a final minute.

This exercise along with the next strengthens the abdomen, navel point and small intestines.

12.Still on the Back. Begin to lift both legs up to 90 degrees as you inhale. Exhale as they come back down. Continue at a quick pace for 1 minute. Inhale, hold briefly and relax down for a moment.

13.Stand Up. Put your hands on the back of the hips. Gently lean back. Stand straight again. Sit down without using your arms for support. Repeat the motion smoothly for 2 minutes. Then sit down, inhale, exhale and relax.

Improves circulation, prevents varicosity and balances the earth element.

14.Sit in Easy Pose. Interlace the fingers in Venus Lock. Bend the elbows slightly to form a hoop in front of the chest at the level of the heart center. Twist the torso and arms side-to-side as you keep the hoop in the arms. Exhale as you twist to each side, inhale as you go to the center. The breath becomes a moderate Breath of Fire. Continue for 2 minutes. Inhale in the center, pull Mulbandh, hold for 10 seconds and relax.

Opens the lungs, works the heart and builds the upper magnetic field.

15.Sit in Easy Pose. Make a fist of each hand. Begin a punching motion (extend each arm alternately). Exhale as either arm reaches its full extension forward. The breath becomes a moderate Breath of Fire. Continue for 2 minutes. Then inhale as you draw both arms back along the sides. Hold briefly and relax.

This is for digestion, stored anger and toxins in the lymph glands.

16.Sit in Easy Pose. Put both hands in Gyan Mudra and rest the arms on the knees with the elbows straight. Look down the nose. Stick the tongue out and down as far as possible. Begin a regular, rapid Cannon Breath through the mouth (the mouth forms a firm ‘O’ shape;’ the pressure of the breath is in the cheeks and over the tongue; no bulging of the cheeks). Continue for 2 minutes. Then inhale, draw in the tongue, close the lips, concentrate at the brow point as you press the eyes up, hold briefly and relax.

Stimulates the central meridian nerve in the tongue and creates a natural antibiotic action in the body.

17.Relax Completely. Lie on the back and systematically relax each muscle, gland and organ. Then relax the spine. Float weightlessly in your mental body as you listen to a beautiful mantra or shabd. Relax for 15 minutes. Complete the relaxation with several slow stretches.

Deep relaxation consolidates all the effects and lets the circulation adjust and flow in areas where it was blocked before doing the yoga.

COMMENTS: This kriya was taught by Yogi Bhajan in October of 1974.

There is a law discovered by the ancients and reconfirmed by all modern mystics, yogis and sages—the macrocosm is reflected in the microcosm. All the qualities that compose the play of the universe are contained in the body. The body is a temple that reflects in its complex design the structure and laws of the universe.

Intuition can perceive these relations clearly and use them to interpret and predict. To perceive these inner relationships clearly, the body must be cleaned of tensions from worry and of toxins from poor eating habits. To clean itself properly the body must be made to sweat once a day. There are many types of sweat. Each type has a chemistry and quality that comes from the glands stimulated and the toxins eliminated.