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Kriya - Exercise Set for Glandular Strength and Liver Health

A Woman’s Book of Yoga, Machelle M. Seibel, M.D. and Hari Kaur Khalsa)

Easy Pose. Sit with your spine straight. Inhale slowly, taking a full 5 seconds to complete your inhalation. Exhale slowly, taking a full 5 seconds to complete your exhalation. Hold your breath out for 15 seconds while you pump your navel point in and out in a steady rhythm. (Really pull it up high and then push it out!) Continue for 5 minutes. To end, inhale and suspend your breath briefly. Exhale and relax.

Lie on Your Back (Liver Leg Lift). Lie on your back with your legs straight and ankles together. Inhale, raise your legs 60 degrees from the floor and hold this position for 15 seconds. Exhale as you bring your knees to your chin, grabbing your knees with your hands to hold them close to your chest. Hold this position with your breath out for 15 seconds. Inhale, return your legs to the 60-degree position and hold for 15 seconds. Exhale, lower your legs to the floor and hold for 15 seconds. Repeat this sequence 8 times. Relax for 5 minutes.

[This exercise sequence can be rigorous. Be sure to keep your lower spine onto the floor as you hold your legs out. Start by holding the breath for 5-10 seconds or do a few repetitions until you can build up to 15 seconds.]

This will bring new circulation to your liver, spleen and adrenals. Its worth the effort!

Tiger Pose. Sit on your right heel and extend your left leg straight behind you with no bend in the knee. Let your head fall back so your back is arched to its maximum. Bend your arms with your elbows as close to your sides as possible, hands at shoulder height, palms facing the sky. Hold for 5 minutes with long, deep breathing. Change sides (sitting on left heel, right leg extended) and continue for 5 minutes (a total of 10 minutes maximum).

This exercise is highly recommended for perimenopausal women. It can be practiced on its own to achieve many benefits. This exercise massages your liver, reproductive organs, kidneys and adrenals. Build up to 5 minutes with practice. You will gain strength and help your body to maintain the proper hormonal balance through doing this exercise. 

Leg Raises. Lie on your back with your feet 3 feet apart, arms at your sides, about 3 feet away from your body. With your arms and legs straight, raise them 2 feet from the floor. Use deep, powerful breathing. Hold this posture until your body begins to shake. Make sure you keep your abdominal muscles tight and your lower back pressing toward the floor, to avoid putting undue stress on your back. Relax.

This exercise stimulates your circulation after the massaging of your organs in the previous exercise. It can make you sweat and help strengthen your nervous system and lower back.

Body Stretch in Rock Pose. Sit either on your heels, in Half Lotus or in Lotus position. Lie flat on your back, arms at your sides and relax in this position with long, deep breathing. After 3 minutes, gently and gracefully stretch your legs out straight and relax.

This exercise helps your digestion and increases your flexibility. It is an advanced posture. 

Relax. Relax on your back for up to 11 minutes. Follow with a meditation.


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