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Kriya - For the Heart Chakra

Sit in easy pose or in a chair with a straight spine. Breathe deep and restfully, gently, rapidly tapping the heart center in the middle of the chest with your fingertips. Gradually increase intensity, hit with knuckles, then gradually decrease intensity again, fading out. Focus at the third eye point. Be aware of the kind of energy that focuses here. Try consciously to release some of it outwards (3 mins.).

Still in easy pose, same focus, stretch left arm straight up, right arm in Gyan Mudra, breathe long and deep, at first shallow, making breath deeper (1 ½ mins.). Then repeat with right arm straight up, left are in Gyan Mudra (1 ½ mins.)

Remain in easy pose, same focus at the third eye point. Stretch both arms up, fingers spread wide, tense, breathe very long and deep for 1 minute. Maintain the position, relax your arms and fingers, continue long deep breathing, circulate breath through the whole body (1 min.).

Lay on your back. Inhale with mental sound “Sat,” raising right arm and left leg to 90 degrees; exhale on mental sound “Nam,” lower down arm and leg. Repeat in similar way with other arm and leg, continue alternating, powerful breathing (10 mins.). Meditate on a little flame in the heart All the blood will get circulated through the whole circulatory system twice. Relax for 3  –  5 mins. In corpse pose. Feel the beating of the Universal Heart.

Sit on your heels (Rock Pose). Stretch arms up to 60 degrees, pull shoulders back, fold first knuckle of fingers toward tops of palms, point thumbs straight up, focus at the third eye point. Do vigorous breath of fire, 6 mins. This is called “Ego Eradicator” because you must surrender to your higher strength in order to complete it. To end, imagine a rainbow forming between your thumbs, then inhale deep, gracefully bringing the thumbs together over your head, exhale and stretch, inhale, exhale and let the arms come down, clasped in Venus Lock in your lap.

Lie on your back and laugh at the universe. When laughing, do it as if you are seeing something wonderful happening and you are enjoying it! Laughing is one exercise to raise your consciousness and it is also a comfort to the heart.

Trea Kriya. This is a very powerful laya yoga kriya. Sit on left heel with right foot on left thigh; hold right foot with hands, keeping the right knee off the floor. Chant long and clear, “Ong,” pull navel point in tight, concentrate there; then chant “Sohang,” several tones higher, releasing the navel point and letting the energy flow up to the heart center, concentrating there (the mantra means, “Creator, I am that.”). (10 mins.  –  31 mins.)

Meditate with palms at the heart center. Pray for the peace of all humanity, projecting rays of light from the heart center.

The Heart Center (4th Chakra) is the gate between the lower and higher chakras. Potential spiritual forces rising from the lower centers must pass this gate of compassion before a person can experience a durable and selfless happiness.


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