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Set For the Second Chakra Sex Center

Note: This kriya is unpublished and is not-KRI approved. We include it here because of testimonials like this that we've received:

I feel that this kriya is even better, faster and more efficient than the ones for premenstrual pain. It’s a total game changer! -- H.A. in France

Frog Pose. Squat down, balancing on the balls of the feet. The heels are touching and raised up. The fingertips are on the ground between the legs, spine erect, the face is forward. Inhale, straighten the legs, look at the knees, keep the fingertips on the ground and the heels raised up. Exhale down, face forward, spine erect. 26 times. To end, inhale, hold in up position, exhale down, breathe long and deep for one minute, circulating the energy. Repeat 26 more times, rest again. The movement is rapid. If you’re doing slow frogs, the dynamic is different. Inhale and squat down, with the chest and head up. Exhale, straighten the legs, draw the navel point in. Head is last. With slow frogs, heels may drop to the floor. Use long, slow breaths. If you cannot straighten the legs and still keep your fingertips on the floor for either fast or slow frogs, it is better to straighten the legs, bring your heels to the floor and bring the spine erect.

Pelvic Lifts. Lie on the back. Bend the knees. Feet are flat on the floor. Grab hold of the ankles. Inhale and lift the pelvis up, pushing the navel point to the sky. Exhale down, sequentially lowering the vertebrae. Two periods of three minutes each with a rest in between. Meditate “Sat” on the inhale, “Nam” on the exhale. Pointers: As you inhale up, engage mulabandha or root lock and tuck the pelvis in pelvic tilt so that the back doesn’t arch. The sacrum and hips are the last to touch down. The abdomen is relaxed when coming down.

Front Platform. Begin by lying on the stomach. Place the palms flat on the ground near your shoulders. Push yourself up by straightening the elbows. Balance the body on the top of the feet and palms, head up, looking forward, body straight as a board from the neck to the feet. Do Breath of Fire, 3 minutes. This tests the condition of the spine. If the nerves have been weakened through sex, it will show up as shaking of the spine. To end, inhale deep, hold, with rectum closed, spin energy up spine to top of head, exhale, gracefully relax in corpse pose on the back, circulate the energy and meditate “Sat” on the inhale, “Nam” on the exhale.

Butterfly Pose. Begin in Easy Pose. Grab underneath the feet, hold the soles of the feet together, pull heels in to within 6” of the sex organs. Pull the spine up, apply Neck Lock. Bounce the knees forcefully, rapidly, up and down with Breath of Fire, 3 minutes. Put whole weight on sides of feet, balance over the feet, hands supporting behind, in front if possible, use elbows in front as a variation instead of hands, bounce 1-2” up and down, a small stretching, with Breath of Fire, 3 minutes.

Bridge Pose. Begin in a sitting position with the legs out in front. Bend the knees, lift the trunk up, make a bridge of the body by keeping your feet flat on the ground. Lift the hips up. Keep the head relaxed and allowed to fall back all the way. The eyes are closed and relaxed, gently looking back behind you through the third eye. There should be a straight line from the collar bone to the knees.

COMMENTS: The Second Chakra is called the Svadhisthana Chakra. The element associated with the Second Chakra is water. Water is much more mobile than earth associated with the First Chakra. Through patient and constant repetition, water can even shape earth. Here in the Second Chakra is the root of the creativity of the individual which can either be tied up in physical lust and drag many people into suffering or it can be channeled and circulated into other centers, thereby fulfilling the individual in everyday life. The Second Chakra is about desire, passion, about duality and polarities, about movement and change, but fundamentally about creativity. When the Second Chakra is well-developed, you paint the world with passions, motivations and opinions. It prepares the way for compassion in the Fourth Chakra because there are things you clearly care about and want.

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