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Kriya - For the Seventh Body

(The Ten Light Bodies of Consciousness, Nirvair Singh Khalsa, pp.115-118.)

Front Stretch Left and Right. Left leg out ion front, right foot against the inner thigh; stretch forward and down; long, slow, deep breathing. Inhale, exhale, rise up and switch sides. 2 minutes each side.

Cat-Cow. Come out of the position and up onto the hands and knees into cat-cow. With the heels touching and knees spread slightly apart, inhale into cow, with spine pressed down and head moving last, arching back. Exhale and arch up into cat. 2 minutes.

Moving Yoga Mudra / Baby Pose. Exhale and come into Baby Pose. Knees together, sit on the heels, forehead on the ground. Put the hands in a basket at the small of the back. Lift the hands up high, straightening out the elbows. Inhale and sit up, keeping the hands away from the body. Exhale and come forward, forehead on the ground, keeping your hands away from the body. Continue, inhaling up and exhaling down. Keep the hands away from the body at all times. 2 minutes. Inhale up. Exhale, Relax.

Four-to-One Breath Aura Builder. Come up onto the knees and heels again, or sit cross-legged if it’s easier. The four-to-one breathing pattern is an anti-depression breath. (By the way, expanding and building your aura will pull you out of depression.) Inhale in four equal parts until your lungs are full of air and exhale in one part. You’re going to build up tons of coordination with this exercise. With elbows straight, fingertips on the ground, palms up, inhale 1 part; arms to 30 degrees, inhale 2nd part; arms parallel, inhale 3rd part; arms up 60 degrees, 4th part, exhale down. Inhale, inhale 30 degrees, inhale parallel, inhale 60 degrees, exhale down. Four-to-one breathing. 3 minutes. Relax.

Back Paddling. Come off the knees and heels and sit cross-legged. Bring your arms out to the sides, arms level to the ground, with elbows straight, palms up. Now begin rotating the hands on the wrists in a kind of back-paddling motion with breath of fire. Inhale with palms flat and up. 1 minute. Hold the breath, bringing the hands on the shoulders. Now exhale, relaxing the arms down.

Triangle Pose Push-Ups. Come slowly standing. The next three exercises can be used as a quick fix for expanding the aura. It’s a kriya in itself. Triangle pose push-ups on one foot at a time. Left leg is up 60 degrees and back. Hands are on the ground. The back is at a 45 degree angle to the ground; it is not like a regular push-up. If you don’t have a lot of upper body strength, please don’t rearrange your face, just bend your elbow. Do 7 on one side and then switch legs for a total of 14 reps.

Arm Chops. Come resting on the hands and knees or sit cross-legged if that is easier for you. Bring the left arm up in front of you as if you’re going to shake hands left-handed. Bring your right hand underneath the left arm. Rotate the wrist so the right palm is against the back of the left hand with the fingers over the top. You’re going to chop the arms in this range of motion — parallel, up to 60 degrees, no lower than parallel to the floor. Inhale up, exhale down. Continue for 2 minutes. Exhale, relax the arms down.

Arm Swings. Come off the knees and heels and sit cross-legged if you’re not already doing so. Make sure you have enough room to swing your arms. Inhale, swing the arms back with the fingertips down. Exhale, swing them forward, eye level, six to eight inches apart. Inhale back, exhale forward. When the arms come forward, blink your eyes open quickly, as though you’re taking a photograph of the space between the palms. Keep your eyes closed, blinking them only when the arms come forward. 2 minutes. Inhale, bringing the arms forward and up. Open the eyes, gaze fixedly between the palms, holding the breath. Exhale, lower the arms. Close the eyes, relax, feel the space around your body. Feel light and bright.


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