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Kriya - For the Tenth Body

(The Ten Light Bodies of Consciousness, Nirvair Singh Khalsa, pp.155-157.)

Clearing / Energizing Breath. Sitting up in Easy Pose, close off the left nostril and begin long, slow, deep breathing through the right nostril. Make the breath slow, deep and complete. We’re going to clear the nerve channels and then charge up the sun side. Continue for 1 minute. Switch hands and switch nostrils and continue for one minute. Switch nostrils again. Breath of Fire now through the right nostril. Continue for 1 minute. Inhale. Exhale.

Spine Flex. Come onto the knees and heels. Flex the lower spine, inhaling forward, exhaling back. (If you need to, sit in Easy Pose.) Continue for 1 minute. Inhale forward. Exhale.

Sat Kriya. Stay on the knees and heels. Hands are in a basket, with the index fingers pointing up. Arms overhead, hugging the ears. Pull in the navel point (or apply Root Lock) on SAT, release it on NAM. The breath will regulate itself. Continue for 3 minutes. Inhale. Hold the breath. Apply Root Lock (squeeze the muscles of the anus, sex organs and pull in the navel point to the spine). As you squeeze Root Lock also squeeze the muscles of the buttocks, lower back, middle back, upper back and shoulders. Stretch the arms up. Squeeze the energy up. Exhale. Do this another two times. Relax the arms down, with hands in your lap. Inhale. Exhale.

Cat-Cow. Stay sitting in Easy Pose as you are or sit in another comfortable position. Rest a moment. Eyes are closed, focused at the brow point. Keep drawing the energy to the brow point. Now, come out of the position and up onto the hands and knees into cat-cow. With the heels touching and knees spread slightly apart, inhale into cow, with spine pressed down and head moving last, arching back. Exhale and arch up into cat. 2 minutes. (Cat-Cow is a total spine exercise. It brings extra circulation into the face and head. It relaxes stored energy for healing the body. It stimulates the higher glands — the thyroid, pituitary and pineal.) Come out of the position and lie down flat on your back. Arms are flat at your sides, with palms up. Rest for a bit.

Plow Pose / Shoulder Stand. Start flat on your back with the arms by the sides, palms down. Slowly raise the legs up and over the body so the legs are parallel to the floor. Support the back with the hands if you feel wobbly. If you know you have flexibility, you can bring your toes closer to or on the floor. If you have neck problems, skip this exercise. If the lower back is tight, be sure to keep the legs parallel to the floor. Long, slow, deep breathing for 1 minute. (Plow Pose opens the spine and brings extra circulation into the head and higher glands. It has an anti-gravity effect and is very soothing after you relax out of position. It is generally recommended that all inverted postures not be practiced during the menstrual period.)

Shoulder Stand. Starting from plow position, raise the legs up and straight into shoulder stand. Legs are together, hands support the back and the toes are pointed toward the ceiling. If you have neck problems skip this exercise. If your lower back is particularly tight or weak, hold the back at a 45 degree angle to the ground (three quarter shoulder stand). It is fine if the legs are a little jack-knifed. Come out of the posture by returning to Plow and then slowly lowering yourself down. Long, slow, deep breathing for 1 minute. Once you’re down, rest a moment. (Shoulder Stand opens the higher glands and brings extra circulation into the head. It brings all the same benefits of Plow Pose. In addition, it is very good for tired, heavy legs.)

Locust Pose. Roll on to the stomach. Make fists with the hands and put them on the lower abdomen between the hip bones and the pubic bone. The legs are together. Keeping the heels together and the legs straight, lift the legs up as high as you can. Position your fists so you can get the maximum lift with the legs. Hold this position and do Breath of Fire. Continue for 2 minutes. Inhale. Exhale the legs down. Turn the head to the side. Have the arms by the sides. Rest just a moment.

Tiger Stretch. Push yourself up onto your knees and heels. Have your hands on the ground next to the knees. Have the palms on the ground as far back as you can and at the same time stretch the left leg out behind you. Not too far back. Keep the palms completely flat. Hold the shoulders back, lift the chest out and arch the head back. Long, slow, deep breathing. Continue for 1 minute. Switch legs and continue for 1 more minute. Inhale. Exhale.

Archer Pose. Come out of the position and come slowly standing up. Bring the left leg forward with the right leg back. The front foot is pointing forward with the knee bent so that the shin is at a ninety-degree angle to the ground. The back foot is at a ninety-degree angle to the plane of the body. The distance between the feet is such that two thirds of the weight is on the front foot. Hips are parallel to the ground. Left arm is extended over the left leg as if holding a bow with the shoulder rolled back and down and the chest lifted high. Right hand holds the string, elbow bent and pulled back so you feel a stretch across the chest. Chin is over the left shoulder with the eyes open and gazing at an imaginary target. Begin Breath of Fire. Continue for 2 minutes. Switch sides. Continue for another 2 minutes. Inhale. Exhale. Relax the arms down. Come sitting down on the floor. (Archer pose is good for total body stretching and strengthening. It builds confidence and courage. Eleven minutes on each side will really trigger your Radiant Body. Build up to 11 minutes over time.)


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