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Kriya - Foundation for Infinity (Seventh Chakra)

(Inner Work Out Manual, Kundalini Research Institute, pp. 31-34)

Sit in Easy Pose. Interlock the hands behind the neck at the hairline. Holding the upper arms parallel to the ground, inhale and twist to the left, then exhale and twist to the right. Continue at a medium pace for 3 minutes.

Sit in Easy Pose. Interlock the hands behind your back, at the base of the spine. Begin Breath of Fire, alternating between this posture and Yoga Mudra for 2 minutes. Move at a steady pace in coordination with the breath.

Back Platform Pose. Come up into Back Platform Pose. (Begin by sitting with your legs stretched out in front. Place the hands flat on the floor behind you with the fingertips pointing towards the toes. Heels are on the ground, feet together. Lift the chest and hips up. Allow the head to fall back, lifting the heart. Do not collapse the neck.) Then lower the buttocks to the floor and bring the head straight, in line with the spine. Create a steady rhythm between these two positions with Breath of Fire for 1 ½ minutes. (This exercise increases the strength and flexibility of the pelvic area and releases the pelvis if it is in a locked position.)

Crow Pose. Squat in Crow Pose and extend the arms straight out in front parallel to the floor with the palms facing down. Inhale and stand up, exhale and squat down. Repeat the cycle 52 times (26 squats).

Stand Up. Stand up with the legs shoulder-width apart. Extend the arms above the head, palms facing forward. Inhale and stretch back as far as possible then exhale and bend forward to touch the floor. Repeat the cycle 26 times.

Stand Up. Still standing, extend the arms above the head. Inhale and bend to the left, then exhale and bend to the right. Bend to each side 26 times then relax the arms.

Remain Standing. Place the hands on the waist and kick alternate legs forward keeping the legs straight. With each kick chant “Har,” placing the tip of the tongue on the palate on the “r” sound. Kick rapidly once per second for 3 minutes.

Meditation for the Tenth Gate — To Experience Your Boundlessness. Sit in Easy Pose with the spine pulled up straight, chin pressed down lightly. Place the hands in the lap, palms facing up, right palm resting in the left, pads of the thumbs touching. Focus the eyes upward, guiding your attention to the top center of the head, the Tenth Gate (7th Chakra).

Mentally say the mantra, “Har Har” as you pull the navel point in. Then, holding the navel in, press the tip of the tongue against the roof of the mouth and mentally say the word “Mukunday.” Concentrate deeply and immerse yourself in this meditation to experience the radiance of the Shashra. Experience your boundlessness.

Feel yourself expand beyond time, beyond space into a realm of total peace and joy. Continue for 11-31 minutes. (Musical accompaniment, “Har Har Mukunday” by Singh Kaur. Apply the same guidelines as you listen to the tape.)

Comments: To reach the subtle realm of ether where you are by nature boundless, you must first set a firm foundation on earth. Practicing this kriya which works primarily on the pelvic region is a means of setting that foundation. Then the meditation launches you into the realms of Infinity.

Physiologically the pelvis acts as a foundation, the point of balance, for the torso and the lower body. The female pelvis is especially delicate in that the bones aren’t fused together and are therefore easily misaligned.

Chronic misalignment, tension and inflexibility will eventually show their effects on your physical and emotional well being through such conditions as impotency, sciatica and menstrual irregularities.

Har” is the creative aspect of infinity. “Mukunday” is the Liberating aspect of the Self. This mantra turns challenges into opportunities and removes fear.


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