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Kriya - General Maintenance

Source:  Slim and Trim, pp. 3-7

1. Stand with feet shoulder’s width apart, weight on outer edges of feet. Raise arms straight out from sides, slightly higher than parallel to ground, palms are facing forward at 45 degrees. Twist at waist, swinging arms all the way to the left, back to center, then to the right. Rhythm: 3 seconds per complete cycle. Time: 3 minutes.

We have one problem as human beings: we are not supposed to get sick. The descending colon is the main problem in the entire human body, because what we eat does not pass through the colon quickly enough. Pressure on the inside of the foot spoils your beauty and your face. Put your weight on the outside of the feet.

2. Remain standing, arms straight out from shoulders, parallel to ground (same as exercise #1 but with palms down). Slowly bend from hip joint to the left, left arm stretched toward the ground and right arm stretched to the sky. Return to the original position with arms parallel to ground and then slowly bend to the right in the same manner. Rhythm: 15 seconds per complete cycle. Time: 2 complete cycles.

This exercise works on the hip bone. Women are much more likely to have problems with the hip bone than men.

3. Stand with feet spread slightly, palms down, hands in open Venus Lock (fingers interlocked with the left little finger farthest away from the body when palms are downward) at level of armpits. Bend forward from hips, bringing hands down toward ground, hands still in Venus Lock, no bend in the legs. Rhythm: one second down and one second up. Time: 52 cycles.

This performs an adjustment of the pelvic region which is essential for women.

4. Stand with the feet together and arms relaxed by the sides. Jump up high bringing legs apart and clapping hands with straight arms over head, similar to ‘jumping jacks;’ then return to the initial position. NOTE: Feet are further apart in mid-air than when they land. Rhythm: 1 second per movement. Time: 3 minutes.

5. Stand with the feet about six inches apart and hands on hips. Swing right leg forward up to waist level and 15 degrees towards the left without any bend in the left leg or at the waist. Following the same path, return leg to initial position. Repeat using left leg and continue alternating legs. Rhythm: one half second up and one half second down. Time: 2-3 minutes.

This corrects menstruation problems.

6. Stand with the feet shoulder’s width apart, up on the toes, arms straight out to sides and slightly higher than parallel to ground. Inhale through the nose and squat down into half Crow Pose, staying on the toes, maintaining a straight spine and with knees apart. Exhale through the mouth and rise up to original standing position. Rhythm: one second per movement. Time: 2 minutes.

This exercise gives one confidence.

7. Stand with heels together, legs straight, arms straight out to the sides, parallel to the ground with the palms down. Flap straight arms p and down to 15 degrees in each direction. Rhythm: 2 movements per second. Time: 3 minutes.

This exercise works on the elbow joint.

8. Remain standing. Place left fist with thumb inside at center of chest at the level of the nipples, elbow near side. Extend the right arm and fingers straight out in front. Then form the fingers in to a fist around thumb and snap the fist back toward the body bringing it in front of the armpit area. The elbow will be down and the bent arm against the body. Feel you are pulling a weight as you snap the hand back toward the chest. Inhale as the arm snaps in and exhale on outward movement as the fist is opened. Rhythm: One complete second per movement continued with the right arm for ½ minute and then with the left arm for ½ minute. Time: 2 minutes.

9. Standing with a straight spine, face another person, extend the arms straight forward and join hands, eyes into eyes. Verbally greet each other. Squat down together in Crow Pose, touching buttocks to the floor and then rise back up. Talk to one another throughout the exercise. Rhythm: 3-4 seconds per cycle. Time: 3 minutes. Relax: 5 minutes.

10. Stand with feet slightly apart and legs slightly bent outwardly. Hands are in fists with palm-sides facing each other in front of chest. Keeping spine straight, punch forward with the right arm, jumping off the ground simultaneously bringing the right foot forward and the left leg back into a front stance position. During the jump, the left fist is pulled back along the left side at about the level of the breast. Then spring back to the original readiness position. The springing movement should be light and fast. There should not be any pressure on the spine though, if done properly, the thighs will hurt a little. Rhythm: 1 second per movement. Time: Left side 2-3 minutes, then switch to the right side for 2-3 minutes.

This exercise is for the brain, but it is done with the legs. It gives one an edge over another person because it helps one think fast. Woman differs from man in that she tends to think too much, rather than act. A woman must be physically active in order to have this edge.

11. Stand with the feet slightly spread, legs straight, arms at a 60 degree angle with palms facing forward 45 degrees and fingers spread. Move hands very rapidly up and down from wrists. Create a rhythm to allow the brain to act spontaneously. This is to be done as a meditation with the eyes closed. Time: 3 minutes. Relax: 10 minutes.


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