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Kriya - Get Up and Get Going

(Owner’s Manual for the Human Body, pp. 16-17)

Lying on your Back in Bed. Begin moving your feet in unison, flexing and pointing. 3 minutes.

Apply Root Lock. Lift both legs to approximately a 70 degree angle. Continue raising and lowering both legs for 3 minutes.

Still Applying Root Lock. Bring both legs up to 90 degrees; spread them as wide apart as you can. Keeping them spread apart, lower them to the bed. When they touch the bed, bring them together again. Continue for 3 minutes.

Turn Over and Lie on the Stomach. Put the arms by your sides and your head turned to one side. Begin kicking the buttocks with alternate heels for 3 minutes.

Still on the Stomach. Begin raising and lowering the pelvis area, leaving the knees and shoulders touching the bed. This movement is done rapidly for 3 minutes.

Cobra Pose. With hands on either side of the chest, rise up into Cobra Pose. Do push-ups into a relaxed Cobra Pose for 3 minutes.

Easy Pose. Put your hands on your knees. From the sitting position, bring your forehead to the bed and then return to the upright position 20 times.

Bundle Roll. Lie on your back on your bed with the legs together and the arms at the sides like a bundle of logs tied together. Flip yourself over from back to stomach and from stomach to back without bending the body, arms or legs. Do not bend anywhere. 3 minutes.

Get Out of Bed.

Stand in Front of a Mirror. Have your arms at your sides with the palms of your hands facing forward. Make a fist of your right hand and bend your elbow, bringing your fist to your shoulder. Lower your right hand and relax the fist while you make a fist of your left hand and bring it to your shoulder. Continuing this movement, twist your torso from the waist, twisting to the left when your right fist comes up and twisting to the right when your left fist comes up. Once those two movements are coordinated, begin lifting the left knee up as you twist to the left and bring the right fist up. As you twist to the right, bring the right knee up as the left fist comes up. This is like an aerobic movement so move quickly. 3 minutes.

Take your Shower and Begin Your Day.

Comments: This exercise set can be done in your bed and will set you for the whole day.

Rise up early in the early hours of the morning and meditate on God.”

--Guru Nanak

(1st of the Sikh Gurus)


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