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Kriya - Immune Strengthening Workout

(Inner Work Out Manual, Kundalini Yoga as Taught by Yogi Bhajan, pp. 41-44).

1. Archer Pose. Begin in a standing position. Spread the feet approximately 2-3 feet apart, depending on your size. Place the right foot forward. Place the left foot at right angles to the right foot. Push forward so that the right knee is over the right toes. Stretch the left leg behind, with the knee straight. Tuck the tailbone under with root lock (Mulbandh). Curl the fingers of both hands onto the palms, thumbs pulled back. As if pulling back a bow and arrow, lift the right arm up, extended forward parallel to the ground, over the right knee. The left arm, bent at the elbow, will be “pulling” back. Feel the stretch across the hips, just under the hipbones. Avoid over-arching so that there is no sway in the back. Keep the back elbow parallel to the ground.

(This is an energetic 4-part exercise linked together by the mantra Sa Ta Na Ma and a continuous, rhythmical bending of the knee (once per syllable). Each part is done for four counts.)

1A. Keep the upper body straight, bend the right knee deeply, then return to the original position. Bend 4 times as you chant the mantra, Sa Ta Na Ma.

1B. Clap the hands over the head once each time the knee bends. Bend the knee 4 times and keep the arms straight.

1C. Clap the hands in front once each time the knee bends. Bend the knee 4 times and keep the arms straight, parallel to the ground.

1D. Bend the knee 4 times while clapping the hands behind the back.

Repeat exercises 1A-1D continuously for 5 minutes.

Archer Pose is a very powerful posture for strengthening the nerves, improving the digestive system and cleansing the body of toxins. When done properly Archer Pose affects the 108 minerals of the body, especially the calcium, magnesium and potassium balance. Regular practice of this exercise can help prevent a shortage of these minerals. 

2. Remain in Archer Pose with the right leg in front and chant the mantra Sa Ta Na Ma once with each variation as in exercise 1.

2A. Repeat as in Exercise 1A.

2B. Place the hands on either side of the right foot and bend the knee on each syllable. The back leg rests on the ball of the foot.

2C. Stretch the arms up and back over the head with the palms facing up and bend the knee 4 times.

2D. With every bend of the knee, clap the arms over the head, arms straight.

Repeat 2A-2D continuously for 5 minutes.

3. Repeat 1A-1D with the left leg forward for 3 minutes.

4. Repeat 2A-2D with the left leg forward for 3 minutes.

5. Stand up straight with the arms stretched above the head and interlock the fingers.

5A. Shake the legs vigorously (5A) for 1 minute.

5B. Shake the entire body vigorously for 1 minute.

5C. Continue shaking the whole body and chant “Har” touching the palate with the tip of the tongue as quickly as possible for 1 minute.

“If you shake vigorously like this for 30 minutes on a regular basis you will never be fat.”

6. Remain Standing. Interlock the fingers and stretch the arms above the head. Jump up, kicking the heels into the air as you chant, “Har.” Continue for 3 minutes.

7. Easy Pose. Extend the arms extended to the sides parallel to the ground, palms facing down. Keeping the arms straight begin a see-saw motion with the arms; as the right arm rises 30 degrees above parallel, the left arm descends 30 degrees below parallel. Move at a moderate, steady pace maintaining a meditative inner posture for 2 minutes (Musical variation: Aap Sahaaee Hoaa by Singh Kaur.)

8. Lie on the Back. Put the arms on the floor out to the sides and the palms facing up. As if holding a 25-pound hammer in each hand, begin pounding the chest without actually touching the chest. Move both arms simultaneously, hands in fists with the thumbs tucked inside. Continue for 8 minutes.

The arms must pull very hard creating a pressure on the chest equal to 20 pounds per square inch. The effect of this action is to stimulate the thymus gland through its meridian point which runs along the bicep muscle. The thymus gland is directly involved with the immune system. 

9. Corpse Pose. Relax to beautiful, elevating music (Musical variation: Dhan Dhan Ram Das Guru by Sangeet Kaur.) Rest deeply for 5-11 minutes.

Comments: Many sophisticated systems have evolved out of the martial arts traditions to strengthen the human being in his full range of expression. In the times of Guru Gobind Singh (the tenth Sikh Master who was a great Sikh warrior, yogi, healer and poet) there was a great need for warriors to stay healthy and strong in the face of chaotic conditions. A very few had to defend the weak from multitudes of attackers so Guru Gobind Singh conditioned them with exercises such as these.

This kriya adjusts the mineral concentration and balance, stimulates digestion, increases metabolism and strengthens the entire immune system. Practice this series today to maintain a vigorous metabolism and radiant health tomorrow.


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