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Kriya - Immune Yoga 2

(Physical Wisdom, p. 18)

You will need two oranges.

1. Easy Pose. Hold one orange in each hand. Dig your five fingernails into the orange as if you were holding it in a lion’s claws. Your elbows are bent, palms are facing each other, holding the oranges up above shoulder level. Your eyes are on the tip of your nose and the tongue is out. Grasp your oranges tightly with your fingernails, really dig them in. The fingers are the antennae of the five parts of the brain and represent the left and right hemispheres. Play ‘Rakhe Rakenhar’ by Nirinjan Kaur very softly. Keep the postures and stay steady. 17 minutes.

Inhale and exhale. Shake your hands over your head. ½ minute. Walk and talk and move around the room, but do not close your eyes. 11 minutes.

2. Sit down again holding the oranges as in Exercise 1. Eyes are at the tip of your nose and the tongue is fully extended out of the mouth. Play ‘Rakhe Rakenhar’ more loudly this time. 14 minutes.

Relax. Shake your hands and jump all around to move the energy everywhere in the body. Peel your oranges and eat them.

3. Easy Pose. Look upwards towards the sky and laugh as loud as you can. 1 minute. Inhale and relax.


Yogi Bhajan: “This is a very powerful rebirthing experience. You will touch your anger at the time of birth. It will reduce your inner anger, which totally controls your mood. As you do this kriya, allow your body to go through its changes: if you cough, sneeze or cry, just go through it. Let it out naturally, consciously.”

Gurucharan Singh Khalsa, KRI Director of Training: The key to this exercise is the connection between the fingers and the five elements. The five elements and five parts of the brain within each hemisphere correspond. They stimulate the brain to release old problems and emotions and finally achieve a new integration and balance.


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