Kriya - Meditation for Sunrise

(Kundalini Meditation Manual for Intermediate Students, pp. 45-46).

Sit on the Heels. Place the palms on the thighs and begin to flex the spine. Inhale forward, exhale back. Mentally chant “Sat” with the inhale, “Nam” with the exhale for 5 minutes.

Still on the Heels. Bend forward so the forehead is on the ground and the arms are stretched forward with palms together. Inhale deeply and chant a long, sweet “Saaaaat.” Continue rhythmic chanting for 11 to 31 minutes.

Still on the Heels. Chant “Sat” and come forward touching the forehead to the raised up thumbs. Chant “Nam” and return to the first position. Continue for 11 to 31 minutes.

Sit on the Heels. Have a straight spine, palms on the thighs. Bend forward and put the forehead on the ground and the palms in front of the knees. While bending forward to this position, chant “Saaaaat.” Rise up and chant “Nam.” Continue for 11 to 31 minutes.

Sit in Easy Pose. Begin clapping your hands together in front of the heart center by raising one hand as the other hand goes down. The palms brush across each other. The up and down alteration will start the spine flexing. Feel loose and light and chant the Guru Gaitri mantra of the eight aspects of the infinite. Smiling and with a rhythm, continue for 31 minutes. Then deeply relax.


Gobinday - Sustaining

Mukunday - Liberating

Udaray - Enlightening

Aparay - Infinite

Hariang - Destroying

Kariang - Creating

Nirnamay - Nameless

Akamay - Desireless 

Comments: The oldest form of worship in the Vedas is the worship of the sun god. The sun is the source of light for all beings and the major source of energy. Man projected his mind through that great symbol and energy source to experience the expanded mental realms of the self. When Guru Nanak taught, he realized there were millions of suns and that we should only project our minds to the One who creates them all. For this he practiced the mantra in #5 above. The oldest way of achieving the divine union and ecstasy is through this kriya. Hazarat Mohammed used this exercise to gain the expansion of consciousness needed to inspire people.

When you have worked and perfected this kriya, exercises 2 through 5 may be practiced for 31 minutes each. Exercises 2 and 3 are done before the sun rises. Exercise 4 is the most important of the series and should be done as the sun rises. Then sit in joy and chant to the infinite variety and grace of the Creator.

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