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Kriya - Nabhi Kriya

(Kundalini Meditation Manual for Intermediate Students, pp. 18-20 and Kundalini Yoga, Shakta Kaur Khalsa, pp. 88-91.)

Alternate Leg Lifts. Lie flat on the back. (Take the arch out of the back either by tilting the pelvis forward or by pulling root lock or by pushing out the transverse abdominal muscles.) Inhale and lift the right leg up to 90 degrees, then exhale and let it down. Repeat with the opposite leg. Continue alternate leg lifts for 5-10 minutes, keeping the breath deep and powerful.

Double Leg Lifts. Without stopping, begin to lift both legs up to 90 degrees with the inhale and down with the exhale. Stretch the arms straight up toward the sky, palms toward each other. Keep the arms fixed for balance and energy to sustain this exercise. Continue for 3-5 minutes.

Knees to Chest. Pull the knees onto the chest. Hold them there with the arms. Let the head relax back. Rest in this position for 3-5 minutes with relaxed breathing.

Contract / Extend. Starting with the ending position of Knees to Chest, inhale and open the arms straight out to the sides and onto the ground, extending the legs to a 60 degree angle (almost ½ of the way to perpendicular). On the exhale, return to the original position with the arms wrapped around the bent legs. On the extension, lead with the pointed toes. Use the abdominal muscles to control the gradual extension and straightening of the legs. Continue for 7-15 minutes.

Rapid Leg Raises. Lie on the back. Bring the left knee to the chest. Hold it there with both hands. Begin rapidly lifting the right leg up to 90 degrees and down to the ground. Exhale as the leg goes down, inhale as it raises. Continue for 1 minute. Then switch legs for 1 minute. Repeat the complete cycle for both legs one more time.

Root Lock Stretch. Stand up straight. Raise the arms over the head so they hug the ears. Press the fingers back so the palms face the sky. Exhale and bend forward to touch the ground with the palms. While bending, keep the arms straight overhead and touching the ears. (Lead with the chest.) Inhale and raise up. Do this very slowly with a deep breath. On the exhale apply Root Lock (Mulbandh). Continue for two minutes, then increase the pace more rapidly for 1 more minute.

Totally relax or meditate for 10-15 minutes.

Comments: This set focuses on developing the strength of the navel point. The maximum times indicated are for advanced students. To begin the practice, start with 3-5 minutes on the longer exercises. (Originally taught by Yogi Bhajan in June, 1971.)

  • Exercise 1 is for the lower digestive area.

  • Exercise 2 is for the upper digestion and solar plexus.

  • Exercise 3 eliminates gas and relaxes the heart.

  • Exercise 4 charges the magnetic field and opens the navel center.

  • Exercise 5 sets the hips and lower spine.

  • Exercise 6 is for the entire spine, spinal fluid and aura.

Together, these six exercises get the abdominal area in shape very quickly.


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