Kriya - Overcoming Tiredness: A Wake-Up Set

(Self-Experience, p. 13)

Lie on the Back. Move your feet alternately forward and back at the ankles, pointing and flexing the feet. 30 seconds.

Still Lying on the Back. Raise and lower your knees alternatively. 30 seconds. Sometimes while sleeping, the circulation in the lower body becomes sluggish.

Still Lying on the Back. Move your shoulders from side to side, sliding back and forth like a snake. 1 minute.

Still Lying on the Back. Clasp your knees to your chest with your arms. Lift your head and roll it around. 30 seconds.

Stretch Pose. Apply chin lock and root lock. Raise your head and heels six inches, arms at your sides. Hold this position until your navel starts to jump and you don’t want to stay up any longer. Relax. Repeat this exercise two more times. (You can do this exercise either three times total or for three minutes, whichever is shorter.)

Lie on your Back. Cat Stretch left and right. 30 seconds.

Sit up with your Legs Straight in Front of You. Apply root lock. Grab your toes (or thighs, knees or shins, whichever you can with a “hinged” back.) Raise and lower your torso, leading with your heart and, ideally, bringing your head to your knees. 30 seconds.

If the glandular secretion and the blood chemistry are not right, it doesn’t matter how powerful and wonderful you are, you are a handicapped person.

--Yogi Bhajan

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