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Kriya - Partner / Couples Warm-Ups

(Compiled by Shakta) 

Easy Pose Entwined. Sit back-to-back with your partner in Easy Pose. Your back and buttocks should touch. Inhale and lift out of your waist, exhale and place your left hand on your right knee, stretching your right hand around your back to hold your partner’s left knee. Exhale. Inhale to elongate and exhale to look over your right shoulder. Inhale and exhale together, twisting deeper, if possible, with each breath. 1 minute. Then do the same on the opposite side. 1 minute. Keep the eyes 1/10th open.

Massages the abdominal organs, aiding in digestion and weight loss; stretches the muscles along the spinal column; tones the spinal column and the nervous system; stimulates blood flow to the pelvis and hips. 

Easy Pose Arm Lift. Still seated back-to-back with your partner in Easy Pose, extend your arms to shoulder height, pressing your palms against your partner’s. Begin to inhale and exhale together. On the next inhalation, slowly raise your arms together, lifting your chest, opening your heart and lungs. On the exhalation, slowly release your arms down. Synchronize the movement of your arms with your breathing. Keep elongating the spine upwards. Maintain a soft eye gaze straight ahead (1/10th open). 1 minute.

Calms the mind and nervous system; promotes long, deep breathing; synchronizes moving with a partner. 

Venus Back Rolls. Still seated back-to-back with your partner in Easy Pose, exhale and bow forward and down as your partner leans back and down onto your bowed back. Then inhale and lean back onto your partner’s back as your partner bows down. The vertebrae should relate to each other like teeth of a wheel. 1 minute.

Opens the hips and encourages circulation to the pelvic region. Also opens the organs associated with the heart chakra. 

Butterfly. Still in Easy Pose, bring the soles of the feet together. Grab underneath the feet and hold the soles together. Chest high, chin in, bounce the knees, coordinated with the breath (light Breath of Fire). 1 minute. Change the breath to long, slow, deep breathing for 1 minute.

One partner kneels behind the other, synchronizing his/her breathing with the partner. As you exhale together, the kneeling partner gently apply pressure with the hands to your partner’s knees or thighs, assisting the seated partner to release the knees closer to the floor, opening up the hips. Only go as far as is comfortable. Inhale and exhale in unison for 1 minute. Partners switch positions and continue for 1 minute.

Tones the kidneys, strengthens the bladder and uterus; opens the hip muscles and pelvis; stimulates blood flow to the reproductive organs; helps relieve premenstrual tension.

Partner Life Nerve Stretch. Sitting on the floor, Partner One spreads his/her legs wide. Partner Two bends their knees and positions their feet on Partner One’s inner legs, between the ankles and knees, wherever is most comfortable. Partners hold elbows or forearms, whichever is easier. Partner One leans forward keeping the spine elongated, head over heart, chest out, chin in as Partner Two leans back, pulling gently on Partner One’s elbows/arms, encouraging them to lengthen. (Partner Two may apply gentle pressure on Partner One’s legs, pushing the legs wider for a deeper release in the groin and inner leg muscles.) Breathe in unison, allowing Partner One to lengthen further with each exhale. Avoid overstretching. 1 minute. Then switch positions. 1 minute. (If the hamstrings are tight, Partner One may sit on a cushion or folded blanket. It a partner cannot lean forward, sit straight up, focusing on the opening of your groin and leg muscles.)

Releases the groin and inner leg muscles; relieves pelvic congestion; stimulates circulation to the pelvic and reproductive organs; helps regulate the menstrual cycle.

Partner Kundalini Lotus. Still sitting opposite your partner with legs outstretched, bend your knees and move closer in order to bring your hands together between your legs. Keeping a firm grip on your partner’s hands, put the soles of your feet against the soles of your partner’s feet and pull away from each other, straightening your legs and locking your feet against each other. Arms inside the legs. Keep the back straight, do not collapse the spine. The legs and back are at 60 degree angles to the floor. Lift the heart center up. Look into each other’s eyes, projecting love and Divine Light. See yourself in the other person. Lift the other’s vibration. Realize that you two are One. Either Breath of Fire or long, slow, deep breathing for 1 minute. To end, inhale, and relax by bending your knees and bring your feet gracefully down to the floor. (If you can’t achieve the full stretch, it is better to bend the knees than to collapse the spine.)

Strengthens the abdominal muscles and activates the abdominal organs; stimulates digestion; tones the spinal nerves and strengthens the spinal muscles; strengthens the arms and legs; promotes a sense of balance, coordination and focus.

Cuddle Bubble. Still in Easy Pose facing your partner, draw your knees in close together and your feet closer to your groin. Put your arms behind you on the floor, lean into them and wiggle your buttocks closer to your partner. (If you’re in Lotus Pose, you’ll want your buttocks and legs to press together.) One at a time, reach up and wrap your arms around your partner’s shoulders. You’re forming an egg shape with your bodies. Lean your head to the right, onto your partner’s left shoulder. Inhale and exhale together for 1 minute or as long as is comfortable. Inhale your head up and gaze softly into your partner’s eyes. Exhale and relax out of the position, breathe normally.


There are a variety of sacred yogic meditations for couples in Kundalini Yoga called Shukra or Venus Kriyas. Venus Kriyas are designed to augment the experience of oneness. It is especially effective if couples choose one meditation to practice consistently for 40, 90 or 120 days to integrate a particular aspect of the relationship.

Venus kriyas are very powerful yogic techniques. They must be practiced with the highest consciousness. Always tune in with Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo before practicing Venus Kriyas. Limit the exercises to 3 minutes unless specifically taught otherwise by Yogi Bhajan. Yogi Bhajan said the doing these kriyas correctly for 3 minutes is very lucky! Finally, Venus Kriyas are not to be practiced by pregnant women.


(The Art of Making Sex Sacred, p. 71)

Posture: Stand back to back, two feet apart from your partner. Feet are hip-width apart. Both partners lean over, touching palms to the floor shoulder-width apart and about two feet in front of the feet. Assume Triangle Pose by meeting your partner’s heels with your own, straightening out your torso and legs to form a straight line in each direction from the buttocks.

Eye Focus: Between the legs, gaze into each other’s eyes. Hold the position with Breath of Fire or long, slow, deep breathing.

Time: Continue for 3 minutes, maximum.

Comments: This kriya is for eliminating anger or ending an argument. It helps establish partners as one unit.

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