Kriya - Recharge Yourself

(Self-Experience, p. 14)

Cat - Cow. On your hands and knees, do Cat-Cow with Breath of Fire. 1 ½ minutes.

Easy Pose. Reach your left arm straight out in front. Then reach your right arm straight out in front as you twist your torso to the left pulling your left arm in. Continue. Twist your torso and shoulders left and right as if you are pulling a heavy rope. Move vigorously. 3 minutes.

Bow Pose. Lie on your stomach. Apply root lock to rotate your pelvis. Roll the tops of the thighs toward each other to protect the sacrum. This will help you to keep the feet touching. Press strongly through the root line into the ground. Pull the shoulder blades down the back to leverage the lifting of the chest. Use the legs to pull against the arms to raise the body up into the position. Rock back and forth on your stomach in Bow Pose with Breath of Fire. 3 minutes.

(From “Divine Alignment,” by Guru Prem Singh Khalsa: Bow Pose is hard for many people, but it is important to get beyond the “bending where you are already bending” syndrome and open new territory in flexibility. If you really want to lengthen your spine out, particularly through the important pelvic muscles, you really have to keep the feet and knees close together and use the legs to pull against the arms. You may not come up as high, but it opens up the spine in a far more useful way.)  

Stand Up. Put your arms straight out in front, palms facing down. Sit down and stand up again. 20 times.

Sit in Easy Pose. Stretch the arms up your head, palms together. Chant your favorite mantra, 2 minutes. Inhale and stretch up. Exhale and relax.

Lie down on your stomach and sleep. 11-21 minutes.

Don’t become spiritual for my sake.

I didn’t become spiritual for anybody’s sake.

I became spiritual for my own sake.”

--Yogi Bhajan

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