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Kriya - Self-Control Through Developed Sensitivity

(Self-Knowledge, p. 27)

Cow Pose. From this position, quickly bring the hands to your heart and back to the floor, keeping the posture steady. Do not move your body. 4 minutes.

This exercise gives great strength to the nervous system.

Easy Pose. Use the palms of both hands to beat your lower back alternately and musically. Move fast for 2 ½ minutes.

This exercise gives strength to your day. 

Easy Pose. Use your fists to beat the kidney points that are located on either side of your lower spine halfway between the top of your hip bones and bottom of your ribs. Move quickly, but do not hit hard for 2 minutes.

This exercise produces energy. Doing this 2-3 minutes every day will keep you always in a good won’t be able to be angry or upset! 

Easy Pose. Use your palms to beat the tops of your shoulders, hitting hard with both hands at the same time for 1 ½ minutes.

This exercise develops the sensitivity of the back of the brain.

Easy Pose. Make your hands into fists and stimulate your navel area, hitting alternately with the fists. Hit only as hard as you can tolerate for 1 minute.

This exercise balances your navel. 

Easy Pose. Use your fists to stimulate the entire chest area for one minute.

This stimulates the entire lymph area. It should sound like galloping horses!

Stretch the Legs Out in Front. Beat your knees with your open palms for 30 seconds.

This exercise brings relaxation.

Sit with your Knees Pulled Up to your Chest. Beat the tops of your feet with your open palms for 30 seconds.

This stimulates your inner organs.

Easy Pose. Use your palms to alternately beat the backs of your own hands for 1 ½ minutes.

This is for bone joints and body structure. 

Frog Pose. Squat on the toes with the heels up and touching, knees apart, hands on the floor. Jump as high as possible in place in frog pose. Both feet and hands are supposed to leave the ground.

This adjusts the whole body. 

Corpse Pose. Lie down and relax for 11 minutes on your back with the feet about hip width apart and the palms resting by your hips, facing up.

Comments: Normally we react to pain and fear by reducing sensitivity, by becoming selectively numb. This set does the opposite. It awakens our sensitivity and gives us a new sense of self-control and choice.

Kundalini Yoga does not believe in controlling another human being. Kundalini Yoga believes in making each human being truly him or herself.”

--Yogi Bhajan


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