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Kriya - Stress Set for Adrenals and Kidneys

(The Aquarian Teacher, pp. 349-351.)

Lotus Mudra. In Easy Pose, rub the palms together. Inhale and stretch the arms out to the sides, parallel to the ground, with palms facing out. Exhale and bring the hands together, hitting the bases together. Fingers stretched in Lotus Mudra. To end, inhale with palms together. 1-3 minutes.

Easy Pose with Breath of Fire. Interlace pinkies in front of the Heart Center, curling the other fingers into pads, thumbs sticking up. Lower the hands to the Solar Plexus. Pull on the pinkies and do Breath of Fire from below the navel. Feel a pull across the back. 1-3 minutes.

This generates a heat and works on one side of the adrenals. 

Easy Pose with Cannon Breath. Begin Cannon breath (Breath of Fire through puckered mouth). Inhale and concentrate on the spine. 1-3 minutes.

This works on the other side of the adrenals.

Easy Pose. Place the left hand on the back at the bottom rib, with the palm out. Have the right arm straight out, palm forward and up at 60 degrees. Keeping the spine straight, stretch from the shoulder. With the eyes wide open, chant Har, Har, Har, powerfully from the navel

“Har” is the “creative aspect of God.”

Body Drops. In full lotus posture (if not possible, in Easy Pose), place the hands on the ground by the side of the body. Do Body Drops, inhaling up and exhaling down. 1-3 minutes.

Easy Pose. Place the hands in front of the solar plexus, left hand facing the body, right hand pressing the left wrist with the base of the palm (do not touch the body with the hands). Look down with powerful, long, deep breathing. 1-3 minutes.

The power of the breath is the depth to which you will cleanse. 

Front Stretch with Spine Straight. Sit with legs stretched out in front, arms our parallel to the ground, hands in fists, thumbs pointing up. Inhale, stretching forward, exhale leaning back. Powerful breath. Keep arms parallel to the ground. 1-3 minutes.

Pelvic Lift. Lying on the back, bend the knees, bringing the soles of the feet flat onto the ground, heels at the buttocks. Grab the ankles. Inhale, lift the pelvis up; exhale down. 1-3 minutes.

Modified Cat-Cow. In Cat-Cow position, exhale as you bring the left knee to the forehead, and inhale as you stretchy the leg out and up in back. Do not over-extend. Switch legs. 1-3 minutes.