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Kriya - Strong and True

(Fountain of Youth, Kundalini Yoga as Taught by Yogi Bhajan, pp.18 & 19)

Archer Pose. Stand up and step your right leg forward, bending the front knee so that it is over your ankle. Place your left leg straight back with the foot at a 45 degree angle to the front foot. Your torso is turned to the left. Extend your right arm straight out in front of you, over your right leg as if you are holding a bow and arrow. Your hand is in a fist you’re the thumb pointing up. The left arm is pulled back as if you are pulling the string of your bow back and the hand is tucked near the back shoulder. Your gaze is penetrating beyond your raised thumb. Lunge forward by bending your front leg. Keep your back leg straight.

Chant “Hum Dham Har Har” with each up and down movement, one sound per movement. 3 minutes each side.

Cow Pose. Kneel on your hands and knees and begin to wiggle your trunk, your head and your hips. Rotate your body around in a circular direction. Move your spine in all directions. 7 minutes.

Easy Pose. Press the palms firmly together at the level of the heart. Pump your navel with normal breath. 1 minute.

Relax with a Gong Meditation. 7 minutes.

Upon Waking, Do the Following Stretches:

Left cat stretch.

Right cat stretch.

Legs up 2 feet and massage the face.

Legs raised 6 inches and massage the forehead.

Massage the temples with the wrists.

Hold your knees up to your chest.

Total Stretch from fingertips to toes.

Rock up to a sitting position.

Notes from Yogi Bhajan: We fight every day. The war is on between negativity and positivity, between unconscious and conscious. Life is a polarity. Emotions are sobriety, commotions and intelligence, neurosis and experience. They go hand in hand. But always remember, either you can serve the time or the time can serve you. That is the choice. If you have not made it yet, you have to make it tomorrow. Without making this choice, you do not exist as an elementary human.

“Hum Dham Har Har” is a celestial mantra that will elevate a person to the status of the angels. It translates as “We are the universe brought to the earth. We are exalted to God.”


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