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Kriya - The Magnificent Seven

As taught by Yogi Bhajan, Khalsa Women’s Training Camp, 1988)

Cat Stretch. Stretch to both sides.

Eye Opener.Openly wake up your eyes in your hand. You must not look straight when your eyes open. You must look into the palms of your hands. That will keep your eyes young for a long time. Once you open your eyes straight you will very soon be needing eye glasses.”

Stretch Pose. Hands, feet and head approximately 6 inches off the ground. Arms at the sides of the body, palms facing the thighs. Breath of Fire for 10 to 15 seconds.

Cobra Pose. Come onto the stomach. Hands under the shoulders. Press up and lock elbows, keeping the pelvis on the ground. (Bend elbows to keep pelvis on the ground, or, put the forearms on the ground as in a “sphinx” posture.) Pick a point on the ceiling to look at. Long deep breathing or Breath of Fire.

Cat and Cow. Come up on the hands and knees. Inhale, lowering the spine as if someone was sitting on it and raise the head into Cow. Exhale, moving the lower back and chest into an angry Cat posture by pushing up through the shoulders. The chin comes into the collarbone. Concentrate on moving the chest, the head will move last. Inhale head up, exhale head down. Breathe fully. It is a smooth, fluid movement. The arms from the shoulders to the hands are stationary. The legs from the hips to the knees are stationary. Your speed can be increased as flexibility is gained.

Mental Standard. “And there is another hygiene. It is called the mental standard. Three times during the day to check your mental strength, sit down and stretch your legs straight. Hold your toes in hand. Touch your nose to your knees. Three times a day you must check. Anytime you feel tense, that much you are off the energy, you need to balance it. If you want to face the world for twelve hours, do it every four hours. For a female it is a must.”

Rock Pose. “Sit on the heels, then lie down on your back, arms resting at the sides. Whenever you eat, it is important to help your digestion by sitting on your heels for 5-7 minutes after the meal. And if it is possible for you in your life, in the evening, lie down like this flat on your back. If a woman can do this posture in the evening time, she will hardly get sick. The time is 5 to 7 minutes. For best results, this is to be done in the evening. In the twilight zone, when sun is setting, it is the best.

Gunpreet Karni Kriya. “And one posture, Gurpreet Karni Kriya, which is only for the female. That is shoulder stand. Put the entire weight on the elbows, hold the body on it. And this posture, every woman should do for 5 to 7 minutes in the morning. And I don’t think you need anybody in the world at all. Health-wise, hygienic-wise, you are in good shape.”


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