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Kriya - To Add Power and Will To Your Actions

(Radiance and Victory  –  A Woman’s Way to Prosperity, Kundalini Yoga as Taught by Yogi Bhajan, p. 66.)

  1. Sit on the Heels, Knees spread Wide. Put the hands in Venus Lock in back of the neck (under the hair). Inhale and exhale consciously with long deep breaths for 5 minutes. Inhale and hold for a few seconds, exhale and relax.

  2. Frog Pose. The toes and fingertips are on the ground but with the heels spread one foot apart. Inhale, raising the buttocks high and lowering the head. Exhale back into a squat position. With powerful breathing, continue rapidly 26 times.

  3. Sat Kriya. Sit on the heels and stretch the arms over the head so that the elbows hug the ears. Interlock all the fingers except the first (index) fingers which point straight up. Chant “Sat Nam” emphatically in a constant rhythm of about 8 times per 10 seconds. Chant “Sat” from the navel point and solar plexus and pull the umbilicus all the way in towards the spine. On “Nam,” relax the navel point. Continue for 1 ½ minutes, then inhale and squeeze the muscles tight from the buttocks all the way up the back, past the shoulders. Mentally allow the energy to flow through the top of the skull. Relax.

  4. Ten Frog Poses.

  5. Sat Kriya for ½ minute.

  6. Fifteen Frog Poses.

  7. Sat Kriya for ½ minute.

  8. Ten Frog Poses with long deep breaths.

  9. Sit on the Heels, hands up. Inhale deeply, exhale. Pull Mulbandh (Root Lock) and bring the energy to the 3rd eye. Repeat.

Comments: This set increases the vital capacity and improves muscle coordination. It also aids digestion and brings an overall nerve strength. If done consciously, it adds power and will to your actions. It opens the power of pranic energy from the navel center and extends it along the entire spine. It is a master set for the athlete who needs immediate power and long-range endurance.


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