Kriya - To Build Stamina and Spark the Glandular System

(Owner’s Manual for the Human Body, pp. 42-43)

Center yourself with three deep inhalations and exhalations (or by chanting Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo).

Chant “Har” with each count of the exercise. (“Har” is one of the aspects of God — the Creative Infinity.)

  1. Standing with the feet together, clap your hands over your head 8 times. Each time you clap, chant “Har” with the tip of your tongue.

  2. Bend over and pat the ground with both hands hard, 8 times. With each pat, chant “Har” with the tip of your tongue.

  3. Stand straight up with arms out to the sides parallel to the ground. Raise and lower the arms one inch, patting the air, as you chant “Har” with the tip of the tongue 8 times.

  4. Criss-cross the arms and legs chanting “Har,” both as the arms and legs cross and when they are out at the sides for a total of 8 chants of “Har.”

  5. Repeat exercise #4.

  6. Do Archer Pose with the right leg forward. Bend the right knee, extending in and out of the full stretch of the position 8 times.

  7. Repeat exercise #6 with the left leg forward.

  8. Repeat exercise #4.

  9. With the arms in the air over the head, bend backwards 8 times.

  10. Repeat exercise #4.

  11. With the arms straight up over the head, bend to the left 4 times and bend to the right 4 times, keeping the arms close to the head.

  12. Relax on the back with the arms wrapped around the bent legs hugging the knees close to your chest. On alternate days relax in Baby Pose. As you relax, listen to a tape of “Dhan Dhan Ram Das Guru.”

Comments: The first four exercises were taught by Yogi Bhajan on July 14, 1985. Exercises 5-12 were taught on July 16, 1985. The second section stimulates the 12 glands and builds stamina. Combined with the first section (#1-4) it exercises the whole body. At Kundalini Women’s Training Camp in 1985 the women practiced this complete set for 1 hour each day. Yogi Bhajan stated, “A woman should make this set a part of her life. Do it for 31 minutes a day and you will never age.” He also said, “A woman is required to exercise each day until she has drops of sweat on her forehead.”

(Text below is reprinted from Kundalini Postures and Poetry, Shakti Parwha Kaur Khalsa, pp. 168-169.)

  • Criss-cross jumping balances the metabolism.

  • Archer Pose applies pressure on the thigh bone to balance calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium.

  • Backward stretching works on the lymphatic system.

  • Clapping the hands indirectly massages the brain.

  • Pumping the arms stimulates the meridian points on the forearms to balance the colon, stomach, spleen and liver.

  • Stretching side to side moves the colon.

Glands are the guardians of your health. One of the great “secrets” of Kundalini Yoga, which accounts for its power and its dynamic and rapid results, is its ability to make the glands secrete. This comes from the way the kriyas are designed — creating pressure on the glands through specific angles of the body. Then relaxation allows the secretions that have been stimulated to circulate throughout the entire bloodstream, bringing balance to the entire system.

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