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Kriya - To Release Stored Pain and Refresh Yourself

(Self Experience, Kundalini Yoga as Taught by Yogi Bhajan, p. 19)

Lie Down Flat on Your Back. Bend your knees and begin kicking your buttocks. Kick alternately with your left and right heels. 5 ½ minutes. During the last minute move as fast as you can. Move directly into Exercise 2.

Still on Your Back. Continue alternately kicking your buttocks. Bend your arms at the elbows and alternately hit your shoulders with your fists, rhythmically coordinating the movements of arms and legs. Your hands do not hit the ground. 2 minutes. Move fast.

Still Lying on Your Back. Cat Stretch left and right, quickly alternating from side to side. 2 ½ minutes.

Easy Pose. Put your hands lightly on top of your head. Twist your torso left and right, moving with force and speed. 2 minutes.

Easy Pose. Put your hands on your knees and rotate your head in a figure eight. Move quickly and powerfully. 30 seconds.

Lie Down on Your Back and Relax. Concentrate on your pituitary gland at the brow point. Breathe through your nose slowly and deeply. 7 ½ minutes. Next move your concentration to your navel point. Mentally chant along with Jaap Sahib, Last Four Lines, by Kulwant Singh, pulling your navel point in with the beat. 9 minutes.

This last part can be done by itself as a meditation. Lie down on your back and pull your navel in with the rhythm of this tape of Jaap Sahib, Last Four Lines.

Chatar chakra varatee,

chatar chakar bhugatay,

suyambhav subhang

sarabadaa saraba jugatay. 

Dukaalang pranaasee

dayaalang saroopay,

sadaa anga

sangay abangang bhibhootay. 

Meaning of Mantra:

Thou art pervading in all the four quarters of the universe,

Thou art the enjoyer in all the four quarters of the universe.

Thou art self-illumined and united with all.

Destroyer of bad times, embodiment of mercy.

Thou art ever within us.

Thou art the everlasting giver of undestroyable power. 

“One tape can do a miracle.

Seven days a week can do it for life.”

--Yogi Bhajan

Comments: Jaap Sahib is a poem written in the last part of the 17th century by the 10th Sikh Guru, Guru Gobind Singh. To do “jaap,” you meditate by repeating mantra until it becomes who you are. “Sahib” means grace, so by grace, you do the jaap. The sound current of Jaap Sahib rouses the soul and the self of the Being.


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