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To Relieve Inner Anger

(Kundalini Yoga, Shakta Kaur Khalsa, pp. 138-139) 

Sleep Pose. Lie down on your back in a relaxed posture with your arms at your side, palms up and your legs slightly apart. Close the eyes and pretend to snore. Continue for 1 ½ minutes.

Leg Hold #1. Still lying on the back, keep your legs straight and raise both legs 6 inches off the ground and hold. Breathe normally for up to 2 minutes.

This exercise balances anger. It applies pressure to the navel to balance the entire system. 

Leg Hold #2. Still lying on the back with the legs 6 inches above the ground, stretch out the tongue and begin Breath of Fire through the mouth for 1 ½ minutes.

Beat the Ground. Still lying on the back, lift the legs perpendicular to the floor, resting the arms on the ground by the sides, palms down. Begin to beat the ground with all the anger you can achieve. Beat hard and fast, using the entire length of the arms. Continue for 2 ½ minutes.

Knees to Chest. Bring the knees to the chest and wrap the arms around them. Stretch the tongue out. Inhale through the open mouth, exhale through the nose. Continue for 1 to 2 minutes.

Celibate Pose Bends. From a position of sitting on your heels, move your heels out to the sides so that your buttocks are resting on the floor. Spread your knees as far apart as possible. Cross the arms over the chest and press them hard against your ribcage. Bend forward and touch the forehead to the ground as if you are bowing. Exhale as you go down, inhale up. Go for 2 ½ minutes at a pace of approximately one bow every 2 seconds. Then, for 30 seconds, speed up and move as fast as you can.

Self-Massage. Sit with the legs straight out in front of you. Begin to beat all parts of your body with open palms. Move quickly for 2 minutes.

Hang Loose. Stand up. Bend forward, keeping your back parallel to the ground, and let your arms and hands hang loose. If available, sing along with a recording of the Guru Ram Das chant as you hang. Remain in this posture for 1 to 3 minutes.

Cobra Pose. Lie on the stomach with the palms flat on the floor under the shoulders. The heels are together and the tops of the feet are on the floor. Inhale into Cobra Pose, stretching the spine as far as possible. The arms may be slightly bent at the elbow to ensure that the shoulders are not tensed. Make sure to stretch the head out of the neck and relax the shoulders downward. Exhale. Continue to sing with the Guru Ram Das chant, if possible, while stretching into Cobra for 1 minute. Then, still in Cobra Pose, and singing, begin to circle the head around on the neck both ways for a total of 30 seconds. Still in Cobra Pose begin kicking the ground with alternate feet. Continue for 30 seconds.

Sat Kriya in Easy Pose. Continue for 1 minute.

Corpse Pose. Lie down on your back for deep relaxation.

Comment: Inner anger blocks your relationships with others because it blocks your relationship with yourself. This powerful set works to effectively release and transform inner anger.

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