Kriya - To Remove Negativity and Tension

(Yoga for People from Whacky Families, pp. 34-35)

Lie Down on Your Back. Quickly raise and lower your buttocks, creating an invigorating massage. Move quickly. 2 minutes. This exercise is to open up the pelvic area. It stimulates the juncture of the two sciatic nerves of the legs. This stimulation is needed for the pituitary to function properly.

Remain lying flat on your back. Arms straight along the thighs. Heels and toes together. Press the toes forward and then lift the heels 6 inches off the ground. Begin long, deep breathing. Keep the head relaxed down on the ground and continue for 3 minutes. It is said when done properly, your whole body will salute you, you can digest anything and all toxins will come out. 

Lying on your back. Lift the legs up to 90 degrees. Do Breath of Fire for 1 minute. This totally renews vigor and clears toxins.

Remain lying on your back. Keep your body relaxed. Raise your head off the floor, chin into chest. Breathe long and deeply for 3 minutes. This posture is good for eliminating headaches.

Lie on your right side. Create a pillow with your right arm. Rest your head on your arm and raise your leg. Raise your left leg as high as you can and breathe long and deeply for 3 minutes.

Relax on your stomach. Turn your head to rest on your right cheek, hands by your sides, palms facing up for 3 minutes. Good for the colon, eliminates toxins. 

Remain on your stomach. Reach back and grab the ankles. Pull them toward your buttocks, keeping your chin on the ground. Hold for 2 minutes with normal breathing.

Still on your stomach. Bring the heels together so they are touching. Keep the arms relaxed by the sides, arch up and raise the head and the chest off the ground as much as possible. Stick the tongue out all the way and breathe rapidly through the mouth for 2-3 minutes.

Corpse Pose. To finish, gently roll over and lie back on your back into Corpse Pose. Put yourself into a deep relaxation for several minutes.

Comments: This set will take about 25 minutes to complete. You will come out fresh, as from a deep sleep.

Anti-Stress Diet Additions -

Add to your breakfast:

2 tablespoons wheat germ (over cereal, fruit or yogurt); blanched almonds.

Mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks:

1-2 bananas OR

½ handful each of raisins and sunflower seeds mixed together.

For lunch or dinner add 1 big serving of 1 of these once per day:

Steamed broccoli; fresh (in a salad) or steamed spinach.

Before bed:

1 glass of milk with honey.

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