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Meditation - Balance Pulse and Impulse

(The Secret Teachings of Kundalini Yoga Given by Yogi Bhajan:  Guru Yoga and Tratakam Technology, p. 19.)

Posture:  Sit in Easy Pose.  Keep the spine straight spine and apply neck lock.

Focus:  Look past the tip of the nose toward the ground.

Breath:  Make the breath long, slow and meditative.

Mantra: The mantra is the breath itself.

Mudra:  Put both hands in Gyan Mudra (pad of the index finger touches the pad of the thumb).  Bring the sides of the hands together along the edge of the palms and the little fingers.  Palms face up.  Slip the ring fingers in back of the little fingers.  Connect the sides of the first segment of the ring fingers with each other.  Then slip the middle fingers behind the ring fingers and do the same.  There is no gap between the ring fingers and the middle fingers.  The result is a beautiful mudra with the fingers forming a cascade of three mountain peaks.  Keep all the fingers in place and raise the hands in front of the solar plexus.  Adjust the height so that you see at the tips of the fingers as you look straight down over the tip of the nose.  The eyes, nose tip and ring finger tips form a straight line.

Keep the eyes open and do not blink.  Make the breath long, slow and meditative.  Watch the mudra as it impacts your perception and adjusts the brain.

Time: Continue for 11-31 minutes.

End:  Inhale deeply, roll the eyes up, hold for 10-30 seconds and relax.

Comments:   Great patience is needed to choose wisely in life.  We are propelled by impulses.  We are tossed by thoughts and by streams of desires.  When we act and create from the core of our being, when our actions are authentic and conscious, we show our caliber and pulse. 

The pulse is the projection of the concentrated life force to create the pure essence of what we are.  As pulse and impulse are balanced in your mind, you gain the ability to distinguish the pulse and impulse in any object. 

You can open communication with the reality of the object.  Just imagine talking to a person.  It is an art and science to communicate with them and find out their real feelings and deepest commitments.  Often the person does not know their own feelings.

This traatik meditation lets you see the reality of the person and gives you the mental caliber to create from your pulse instead of your impulse.


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