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Dhan Dhan Ram Das Guru

(Naad, the Blessing (Liner Notes), Sangeet Kaur Khalsa)

Dhan Dhan Ram Das Guru is ashabd (song inNaad) widely known for its blessings of protection and healing in times of deep trouble.


Dhan dhan Raam Daas Gur Honored and praised is Guru

Jin siria-a tinai savaari-aa Ram Das. The Lord whocreated You, He has adorned andembellished You.

Pooree ho-ee karaamaat Perfect is the miracle of Your making.

Aap sirjanahaarai dhaari-aa The Creator Himself has installed You on the Throne.

Sikhee atai sangatee Your Sikhs and all thesangat

Paarbrahm kar namasakaari-aa bow and revere You as the supreme Lord. 

Atal athaaho atol too You are unshakable,

Tayraa ant na paaraavaari-aa unfathomable and immeasurable. Your extent is beyond limit. 

Jinee too(n) sayvi-aa bhaa-u kar They who serve You with love,

Say tudh paar utaari-aa they are carried across the world ocean by You. 

Lab lobh kaam krodh moho Greed, attachment, lust, anger

Maar kadhay tudh saparvaari-aa and ego – These five passions have been beaten down and driven out by You.

Dhan su tayraa thaan hai Honored is Your Place.

Sach tayraa paisakaari-aa True are Your Bounties. 

Naanak too Lehnaa too hai You are Nanak, You are Angad,

Gur Amar too veechaari-aa and You are Guru Amar Das – so

Gur dithaa taa(n) man saadhaari-aa. do I recognize You. Seeing the Guru, my soul is sustained.

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