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Meditation - For Deep Relaxation

(Yoga for People from Wacky Families, p. 38)

Posture: Easy Pose with a straight spine. If you are sitting in a chair, make sure that your feet are flat on the ground and the legs are not crossed.

Focus: Eyes closed, focused at the third eye point.

Mantra: There is no mantra. Any beautiful music can be played.

Mudra: None specified. Open the mouth and make an “O.” Stick your tongue out of the right side of your mouth to form a “Q.” Keep the tongue out. If you have trouble holding the tongue in this position, hold it tightly between your teeth.

Time: Done in class for 7 minutes. If you ever need to have a relaxation, try this on your own for 3 minutes.

End: Holding the position, inhale and hold the breath for 13 seconds. Then squeeze the breath out with a powerful exhale through the mouth. Repeat, holding 11 seconds, and, one last time, inhale and hold 7 seconds, relax.

Comments by Yogi Bhajan:

“You must watch how to avoid death and be extra healthy. There is no more powerful relaxation than this. When you are very nervous, and you have so many thoughts, and you are being ground up by everything, do this for 3 minutes. You will be shocked. Things will disappear. There is nothing more relaxing.”

“In the hospital, you will see people who are sick, they make their mouths into an “O.” And those who are seriously ill, will stick their tongue out to form a “Q.” In this meditation you stick your tongue out like a 90-year old man who is dying and breathe. Just watch the experience. You will never forget it, if, in the end you don’t want to face the day, do it now voluntarily, karma will be over. It’s called “pre-experience.” Your “Q” should be perfect.”


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