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Meditation - For Guidance

(Taught by Yogi Bhajan, May 27, 1974. From Kundalini Meditation Manual for Intermediate Students, p. 34.)


Posture: Sit in Easy Pose with a straight spine (or in Lotus Pose).

Focus: Look into the palms with the eyes almost closed.

Breath: Inhale in 10 sections with the mental mantra, “WHAHO.” Exhale in 10 sections with the mantra “GURU” on each part. Inhale and exhale powerfully.



GURU the Infinite Wisdom (From Darkness to Light). 

Mudra: Make the hands into a cup with the palms facing up. Leave a fish-like hole between the sides of the little fingers. Bow the head forward over the palms.

Time: Continue for 11 minutes.


Posture, Focus and Mudra the same as Part One.

Mantra: Chant “WHAHO” aloud 8 times and then chant “GURU” aloud 8 times. The mantra is chanted in a monotone. 

Time: Continue for 5 to 11 minutes. 

Comments: Build your practice of this meditation slowly up to 31 minutes. At times when the path of truth and clarity seems lost, calm yourself and still your mind, then the path will come to you. In this meditation, the head is out as if to be sacrificed and given to the Guru or the higher Self. Besides strengthening your mental direction, it can alleviate any blood disease. For yogic therapy, this meditation can slowly be built up to 2 ½ hours.

To live life according to the guidance of the inner truth is essential. If you do not, you will have doubts. If doubts are not removed, then frustration comes in. Frustration, when not released, leads to anger. Anger then leads to destructive action either to the Self, others or both. To stop this vicious cycle, create the habit to still the Self and ask questions of your own higher consciousness. This meditation can develop that capacity.


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