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For Majesty and a Clear Mind

Radiance & Victory, p. 39.

Posture: Sit in easy pose or in a chair with a straight spine with a light neck lock (Jalandhar Bandh). 

Focus: 9/10th closed.


Sat Narayan Wahe Guru Hari Narayan Sat Nam.

Meaning of Mantra:

True Sustainer, Indescribable Wisdom, Creative Sustenance, True Identity

Chant in a monotone or with a CD. The words invoke the names of God to help bring prosperity and peace of mind.

Mudra: The upper arms are touching the sides of the chest, with the elbows bent, palms facing forward. The hands are at the height of the nose, with the hands in Gyan Mudra (tip of the first finger of each hand touches the tip of the thumb with the remaining fingers solid with each other and pointing up).

Time: May be done for up to 31 minutes, beginning with 11 and increasing with patience.

End: Not indicated. May always inhale, suspend the breath and relax.

Comments/Effects: This meditation brings purity of consciousness, clarity of mind and perception. Even a person with low self-esteem can become completely majestic by chanting this mantra. This meditation can help you to see through your clear mind and to look beyond this world to realize the Infinite.

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