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Meditation - For Prosperity II

(Aquarian Teacher, p. 439) 

Posture: Sit in Easy Pose, with a light Neck Lock (Jalandhar Bandh).

Focus: Focus at the tip of the nose, through eyes 9/10th closed.

Mantra: The “Tantric Har” CD is perfect for this meditation. Chant continuously from the navel, using the tip of the tongue:

HAR HAR (means the “creative aspect of God”) 

Mudra: Hit the sides of the hands together alternately. The Mercury (little) fingers and the Moon Mounds (located on the bottom of the palms) hit when the palms face up. The Jupiter fingers (index) hit and the thumbs hit under the hands when the palms face down.

Time: Continue for 3-31 minutes. Yogi Bhajan has said about the timing: Normally this is done for 11 minutes, but 3-31 is a choice. Once you make your choice, stick to it and your glandular system becomes habitual to it.

End: Not indicated. You may always inhale deeply through the nose, suspend for 5-10 seconds and relax. 

This meditation stimulates the mind, the moon center and Jupiter.

When Jupiter and the moon come together,

there is no way in the world you will not create wealth.”

--Yogi Bhajan


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