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Meditation - For Self Renewal

Sit straight in a cross-legged position. Raise the arms to shoulder height, parallel to the floor, and bend the elbows so that the hands are in front of your chest, palms facing down, right over left, 4 inches apart. Eyes are closed. Breathe long and deeply, inhaling through the “o” of the mouth, and exhaling through the nose. Use the diaphragm, the power of Udayana Bandh.

Continue for 11 minutes. To end, inhale deeply, hold, and squeeze the spine. Exhale. Inhale deeply, hold, and squeeze your elbows as much as you can. Exhale. Inhale deeply, hold, pull the chin in and make the neck tight like steel. Exhale and relax.

You have a faculty to remodel and rebuild yourself. This meditation consolidates all of your faculties and facets to give you a new start. Breath by breath consciously reconstitute and empower your Self, as drop by drop you bring the flood. Concentrate deeply and sit like a yogi. The posture will guide your tattvas, the breathing will guide your life force: if you concentrate it will bring your glandular system into new working order.

After a while your body will not be in a position to handle the energy it is creating. Therefore you must concentrate and apply yourself. Breathe with full strength to hit your hidden disease and eliminate it. Ease your existence and body pain. Put your energy on a new route. Concentrate. Join your energy with the Source!

Expand your horizon and your focal point. There is no love without sacrifice and there is no sacrifice without love. Hold the posture steady and let the changes happen.

Meditations for the New Millennium


A Split Second

Yogi Bhajan, Ph.D. - February 25th, 2001 - Los Angeles, CA, USA 

How many of you understand the meaning of “split second?” If you cannot change your mood and intuitive projection in a split second, then you are not human. If you know what a thought entails the moment it comes to you, and respond to it with the same frequency in a split second, then you are a normal human being. An excellent human being will respond to it from its point of origin. This capability is developed through the science of yoga.

You can tell a person’s fortune by their hairstyle. How they comb and layer their hair tells the nature of their brainwaves, and brainwaves affect the personality. You may know a person and what he is up to, just by sight! But instead of seizing that split second, you take hours, days, you engage in the web of games, becoming dissatisfied, frustrated and angry.

Take time for you. You may get one massage a month. But you do not have the time to massage yourself every day? You do not even have time to sit in a tub of water for half an hour and do Breath of Fire to balance your body. Sometimes you eat while you walk! You have no time for sex without checking your watch! That is how life has become. Our whole life is constipated, and not just one hole!

We like to have friends. In reality, we are social because we are afraid to be alone. We think we share great communication, but “Hi,” “Hi!” does not mean anything. Sexual activity does not have the reality of a relationship. It is a feeling of intimacy and an exchange of saliva initiated by that loneliness. A woman cannot walk tall until she is the identity, and no man acknowledges it until he is the identity. That is the reality of our life. We hear what we want to hear, say what we want to say, and feel what we feel. When we are inflexible, life is brittle. We must be able to change the gears of our mood, mind and metabolism in a split second.

Through the science of yoga it was realized thousands of years ago that when someone was off base, their glandular system did not secrete properly, therefore their blood stream did not contain the full mixture of glandular secretions to service the organs. Yogis sleep at night very restfully, calmly and appreciatively. Early in the morning they get up, do cat stretch, and take a cold shower, massaging their body until they feel warm. Is that insanity? No! Yogis of old wanted their blood to return to their organs with the full chemical reactions of their glandular system. Living in the jungle they had to be alert and real every moment of the day, so that in a split second they could know what was in their surroundings, knowing with one wrong step they could be dead.

From jungle life we have come to coffee life. You get up in the morning when you hear the coffee pot whistling! You need coffee to regain your high. But that is not what you are made for. You need all your senses to work together and all twelve glands to work together, for your process and projection to work together. You must know you, together. 

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