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Meditation - For Total Divine Horniness (Venus Kriya)

(The Art of Making Sex Sacred, 1st ed., pp. 76-77.)

Part 1: (This meditation is to be done before sex to free up your creativity.)

Posture: Easy Pose.

Eye Focus: Closed, focused at the third-eye point. Mentally create the intention of realizing your true value. Imagine that you are the creation and the creator and meditate on your creative principle. Feel love for your physical body and mentally caress and kiss every part. Feel you are in union and a beautiful link with the cosmos. Your soul is in intercourse with the universal soul. Continue this for 15 minutes.

Feel total divine horniness. Then stretch every part of your body for 3 minutes.

Part 2: (Brahm Mudra)

Posture: Easy Pose, palms on the chest. The nipples are exactly in the center of the palms. Only the middle fingers are touching. With every breath, and as the chest expands under the palms, feel the gift of life within you. Play and talk with the breath. Be grateful for it. Continue 3-11 minutes.

Part 3:

Posture: Easy Pose. Put the hands in Gyan Mudra at the chest, thumb and forefinger forming an “o” in front of the nipples. The remaining fingers are together, extended straight out in Vishnu Mudra. Breathe long and deep for 3 minutes. When completed, stretch for 3 minutes.

Part 4:

Posture: The man and woman sit facing each other. The woman begins by chanting EK ONG KAAR SAAT NAAM SIREE. The man responds with WHAA HE GURU G.O.D. This continues with no pauses between partners for 3 minutes.

(Note: EK rhymes with “neck.” The “O” in ONG rhymes with “go” and the “ng” is nasalized by blocking the back of the throat with the tongue touching the back part of the roof of the mouth. If chanted correctly, the vibration will tickle the back of your throat and you will feel a humming in the third eye. G.O.D. is pronounced like the English letters of the alphabet.)


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