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Meditation - Life Guideline

Posture: Sit straight in a cross-legged position.

Mudra: Interlace your hands in Venus Lock in front of the heart center, elbows relaxed down.

Dhristi: Eyes are closed.

Mantra: Chant in a monotone --

Me within me is the Purity.

Me within me is the Reality.

Me within me is the Grace.

I am the Master of the space.

Listen to what you are saying. Learn to live and remember this all of the time, as a projection and guideline of your life.

Time: Continue for 11 minutes.

To end: inhale deeply, hold, and synchronize your body with that purity and piety, tighten every fiber and molecule. Exhale. Repeat one more time. Then deeply inhale, exhale and relax.


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