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Meditation - Make Your Mind Sensitive

(Level 2 Mind & Meditation Study Guide, pp. 41-42)

PART 1: Sit with a straight spine. Eyes are at the tip of the nose. Make a fist of the right hand, extend the index finger straight up with the thumb over the middle finger. Place your hand in front of the right shoulder with the closed palm facing the left. Keep the extended finger straight and stiff. The left hand is in Gyan Mudra. Breathe long and deep. 7 minutes.

To End: Slowly begin to raise your right hand over your head, maintaining the mudra and inhale very deeply. Stretch and suspend the breath. Exhale. Repeat twice more. Relax.

Comment (by Yogi Bhajan): Within 3-5 minutes you should feel the energy flowing through you. Rishi Dushdaman experimented his whole life, 120 years, to find this simple truth which you are practicing right now. His realization was that if man can force the tip of his Jupiter finger into steel stiffness, he can grab from the universe the Jupiter energy; and if by the optical nerve, he can totally shut off the mind to misbehave, it will create a basic pattern of intuition. If you change the eyes for a second, you must start again from the beginning.

Break: Talk to your neighbor. You must talk—about anything—but don’t meditate; don’t relax; talk. 5 minutes.

PART 2: Sit with a straight spine. Spread the fingers of the left hand as far apart as possible. There should be an equal distance between each finger. Place the palm flat against the center of the chest. Extend the right arm up at a 60 degree angle and to the right about 30-45 degrees with the palm facing down and fingers spread wide; the elbow is locked and straight. Eyes are focused at the tip of the nose. Breathe long and deep. 7 minutes.

To End: Maintain the posture and inhale deep. Hold and stretch that arm out. Exhale. Repeat twice more.

Comment (by Yogi Bhajan): Forget about yourself. My right hand is at 60 degrees; armpit must not be straight, must not be higher than 60 degrees. The nervous center of the sympathetic, parasympathetic and action system is in the armpit. Remember that! Armpit is the most important part of the body and you neglect it the most. You think it is must a joint. It is not. The entire nervous system is based in the armpit … Now you are getting all the five energies at the same time. The thumb represents the id, the ego, Jupiter, Saturn, Sun and Mercury. Five main planets, underneath is the Mars planet and the Venus is under the id [ego] … So please understand, you are almost in control of your total energy. This exercise adjusts the ribs automatically.

Break: Talk to your neighbor. You must talk—about anything—but don’t meditate; don’t relax; talk. 5 minutes.

PART 3: Sodarshan Kriya: Bring the hands into fists in front of the chest, at the shoulder level—about 6-9 inches apart. The fists are facing each other. Extend the two Jupiter fingers straight up. Begin rotating the Jupiter fingers in circles toward each other. (The left finger moves clockwise and the right finger moves counterclockwise.) Move only the fingers, not the hands.

Breath: A quick Breath of Fire. 7 minutes.

To End: Inhale deep, stretch the hands very tight over the head and hold. Exhale with a cannon fire breath. Repeat twice more and relax.

Comment (by Yogi Bhajan): We are hitting at the chemistry of our blood formation. It’s so important. What you are doing is much healthier than taking two tons of vitamins. It is not guaranteed, but, it will avoid cancer in your body. It is a help to that precaution. I did it myself to heal myself. It is called Sodarshan Kriya. It is very important. You will see Lord Vishnu raising one finger and moving it. He moves so fast that the whole wheel moves with it. It is symbolic, but we can learn from that. We are not going to become Lord Vishnu. Neither do we want to raise the whole wheel. All we want is to change the entire Sun and Sun means blood.

Break: Talk to your neighbor. You must talk—about anything—but don’t meditate; don’t relax; talk. 5 minutes.


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