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Meditation - On the Life Current Of Your Heart Unto Infinity

Kundalini Meditation Manual for Intermediate Students, p. 65.)


Posture: Sit in Easy Pose or in a chair with a straight spine with a light neck lock (Jalandhar Bandh). 

Focus: The eyes look into the distance, not at the fingers.

Breath: The breath will come naturally as you chant the mantra.

Mantra: There is no mantra in Part One. 

Mudra: Make the hands flat like discs, facing the eyes. The disc of the hand will cut through half of the vision of each eye. Move the hands about 6 inches from the face. The hands do not touch each other. The small fingers are separated by about 3 inches. If you look straight, the two small fingers will appear to intersect and form a heart-like figure. If you look up or down, it will not be there. A simple adjustment of the distance may be required for that little red drop to form in the center. Meditate on the heart drop and see what color changes it goes through. Look into the distance, not at the little fingers. Hold the hands perfectly still.

Time: After 5-10 minutes, inhale and relax the hands.


Posture: Still sitting in Easy Pose.

Focus: Not specified in Kundalini Meditation Manual for Intermediate Students.

Breath: The breath will come naturally as you chant.


GOBINDE Sustaining

MUKUNDE Liberating

UDARAY Enlightening

APARAY Infinite

HARIANG Destroying

KARIANG Creating

NIRNAMY Nameless

AKAMAY Desireless

Comments: This is not a light, easy meditation. It affects the central part of the brain and stimulates the entire nervous system. As the nerves adjust, you may get a pressure near the eyebrows and see color changes. The meditation brings a lot of changes and is very unboring. It gives the ability to make decisions clearly and the ability to know future thought forms.

Part Two of this meditation must always follow Part One. The chant is done so that each word in the mantra is individual with a short pause between them. There are no trailing sounds. Each word is spoken. It is a very lonely and individual art.

Yogi Bhajan describes it: “It is like slicing cheddar cheese or cutting beet greens. The cutting is what matters. What no conscious efforts can produce in a man “God Greens” can work it out. It is a pause and the word. Cut, pause, word. You can never understand the Siri Guru Granth Sahib if you don’t understand Rahao (pause). Rahao is the entire secret in the vibratory ying and yang in every shabd. Word and pause are the balance of that meditation and that is the highest power.”


Siri Guru Granth Sahib: The scripture treated as a Guru by the Sikhs. It is called the 5th Veda by Yogi Bhajan. It is an active vibratory presence. It was designed as a granth, a knot that binds the Word into a form in which any person can interact and be transformed. It is a primary source for many mantras and shabds that are the pinnacle of the power of the Word as understood by the yogis and saints.

Shabd: The sound current or vibration that dissolves the ego which obstructs the truth and prevents us from perceiving and acting from our authentic self.


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